The 100 Day Project: My Findings While Journaling

On April 4th, I embarked on a project that I knew would be challenging, but I didn’t think it would change how I write or think about myself. But nevertheless, it did both of those things. It challenged me to remember every single evening to write in a journal whether I felt like it or not. On the days when I felt like I had nothing to say, I would write the most. And the days I felt like there was a lot I could write about it was hard for me to write an entire paragraph.

The project lasted from April 4th up to and the day of July 12th. It’s a great project that I heard about on a podcast. This project is only showcased on Instagram, or in private. You can find other people’s projects under the hashtag #100DayProject. That way you can see what they chose to focus on. Once you decided what your creative project would be you had to create your own hashtag for the project. So I chose, #100DaysOfJournaling.

the 100 day project: my findings by journaling

I first found out about this project through Elise Joy, who has written a blog for the past twelve years and she has a podcast, Elise Gets Crafty. On her podcast, she discussed the 100 day project with another creative. It sounded so interesting to me to challenge yourself for 100 days based on one subject that would be a little different every day. The 100 Day Project was created by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson. Elle is an artist that wants others to be vulnerable and challenge themselves creatively. Lindsay is the co-founder of Women Catalysts, a membership organization dedicated to inspiring women to take action.

why i chose journaling

I chose a personal journal because I felt like I fell out of love with journaling. Yes, I blog, so I write a lot. But I don’t sit down and journal. I’ve never been the type of person that held a consistent journal. If I look back to some of my childhood journals they have a span of over six years of me writing in them and never completing them.

In the beginning of 2017, I began using the 52 Lists For Happiness, in the hopes of appreciating the little things in life more. So in accordance with this daily journaling for 100 days, I wrote in this book every Saturday.

what i enjoyed about the project

What I enjoyed most was that I was able to find my writing style. I realized that like all people our writing style evolves over time. And I felt like I was finally able to find my voice. I figured out what I wanted to do with this blog and the direction I wanted it to go in. I also figured out how I’d like to navigate my life in a simple, happy, and healthy way.

One thing that I began doing in most of my blog posts too was that I quit writing and I began journaling. I’ve written more personal posts instead of writing posts that I feel weren’t truly authentic to who I am.

what i would do differently

I wish I had small journal entries or poems instead of writing in one personal journal. Just something that was a little bit more public and documented so I could print them off and turn them into a book. Something a little bit more tangible.

will i do this challenge again?

Yes! I plan on embarking on this challenge again next year. However, I will be doing something that is a little bit more tangible. Like a product that I can sell, or something that I can share either weekly, or bi-weekly on here.

Have you heard of the 100 day project before? Would you take part in it?


18 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project: My Findings While Journaling

  1. Taylor Smith

    I love that this challenge taught you more about yourself. That is super special!

  2. Amanda | The Light Owl

    I love the idea of doing this project with journaling! I’m with you– I used to LOVE journaling and I still do. But there was a time in my life that I’d just instinctually reach for my journal. Now I don’t and I’d like to get back in that habit.

  3. Maygin Reads

    I did not expect to read that you found your voice by writing for a 100 days straight. I would have expected that your voice was already known. That causes me to question whether I have found my voice. While I have some sense of what I want to do with my blog, now I wonder whether my insight would be clearer if I took the time to write every day. I am strongly considering doing this. Can you say a bit more about why you think writing every day caused you to find your voice? Did you write about something specific?

    1. Felicia Renee

      Yeah! I say that I found my writing voice because when I start started blogging (a little over a year ago) I wasn’t sure on my direction for my blog. I also wasn’t writing about things that I truly wanted to write about, but more what I thought others would want to read. Since I wrote in a journal every single day I had to be vulnerable about every part of my life to figure out what truly drives me to blog every week. I realized that I was just writing just to write instead of talking to my audience like a friend. It inspired me to open up and be more authentic when it comes to this blog. And it has done wonders for my engagement and traffic! I hope this clarifies it for you – if you need me to discuss something more in depth, I’d be glad too!

      1. Maygin Reads

        Felicia, thank you for this detailed response. It makes complete sense why journaling was so helpful for you. I am personally working on being more vulnerable so it sounds like this would be a great project for me, even if it doesn’t end up impacting my book review blog, but it sounds like it will! Thank you!

  4. Beth_Daily_Dog_Tag

    I’ve heard of it and would like to try one, but I feel like I would miss days. And then I would feel bad about myself, so I’m not sure it is the right challenge for me.

    1. Felicia Renee

      I completely understand that! When you sign up to do the challenge they discuss this! Sometimes you will miss a day and you can either make up for it on one day, or you can add days to the end. So it all depends on what you decide for yourself!


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