100 Items to Declutter Right Now!

Let’s forget spring cleaning this year and do a fall refresh! There are so many items you can declutter right now! Why not go into the last few months of 2020 with a fresh start? This year has been crazy enough. So, it’s time to get our spaces decluttered and put our minds at ease. Cause let’s be real, this year has brought upon enough already that could be weighing on us. It did take me a little bit to come up with these 100 items, but you won’t be disappointed. If you start this weekend and do a few a day, you could have each item checked off before the end of the month!

Please remember to donate, sell, and recycle what you can! Think before you toss – now get to it!



  1. expired beauty products – need to know what to toss? I have a post all about it!
  2. makeup brushes you don’t use or like
  3. samples and travel-sized toiletries
  4. expired sunscreen
  5. old perfume
  6. old nail polish that you don’t use or the bottle won’t open
  7. overstretched and uncomfortable hair accessories
  8. old, stained, and ripped towels


  1. socks with holes
  2. socks without their matching pair
  3. old bedding and sheets
  4. flat and old pillows
  5. clothes that don’t fit
  6. shoes that don’t fit
  7. t-shirts you got for free and never wear
  8. clothes with rips, holes, and stains
  9. jewelry that is missing their match, such as earrings
  10. tarnished jewelry
  11. broken eyeglasses and sunglasses
  12. gloves that are missing their matching pair
  13. old tote bags
  14. old and damaged luggage
  15. wire hangers


  1. expired food in the freezer, fridge, and pantry
  2. expired medicine and vitamins
  3. broken utensils
  4. duplicate cooking utensils
  5. storage containers without a lid (vice versa)
  6. leaky water bottles and ones without lids
  7. chipped plates and bowls
  8. unused and chipped coffee mugs and glasses
  9. extra plastic grocery bags
  10. old dish sponges
  11. old kitchen towels and rags
  12. duplicate kitchen appliances
  13. broken kitchen appliances
  14. random takeout menus
  15. extra bakeware
  16. unwanted cookbooks
  17. expired coupons
  18. the “junk drawer
  19. expired and unused cleaning products


  1. electronics that don’t work
  2. cords and wires for items you have no idea what they go to
  3. old magazines
  4. books you’ll never read (donate)
  5. dried up pens, markers, and highlighters
  6. old, unused, and dried up crafting supplies
  7. puzzles with missing pieces
  8. board games with missing pieces
  9. CDs and DVDs
  10. unused gaming consoles
  11. extra remote controls
  12. laptops and tablets (sell)
  13. cell phones (sell)
  14. phone cases that no longer fit
  15. calculators
  16. cameras
  17. old batteries


  1. extra stationery, notebooks, and random pieces of paper
  2. calendars and planners
  3. receipts
  4. old bills, documents, and records that are no longer needed (cut up or shred)
  5. utility bills (go digital, y’all!)
  6. cards and invitations with no sentimental value
  7. business cards you don’t need
  8. loyalty cards you don’t use
  9. gift cards that have a zero balance or have expired
  10. old debit and credit cards you don’t use anymore (cut up or shred)
  11. old textbooks (sell, if you can)
  12. broken binders
  13. excessive folders you won’t use


  1. your email inbox, check out my post on how to minimize your digital life
  2. your computer’s reading list and bookmarks
  3. social media accounts
  4. your to-do list
  5. contacts in your phone
  6. the photos on your phone
  7. subscription services you don’t use
  8. junk mail


  1. your car
  2. home decor you don’t like or won’t use again
  3. candles that no longer burn
  4. random magnets
  5. gifts you don’t like and will never use
  6. broken furniture you won’t repair
  7. manuals for products you don’t own anymore
  8. unused exercise equipment (sell, if not broken)
  9. broken toys
  10. travel knick-knacks you don’t want
  11. broken Christmas decorations
  12. unused holiday decor
  13. excessive and dried up paint and paint brushes
  14. old pet food and treats
  15. old pet toys that are ripped and dirty
  16. dead plants and flowers
  17. broken umbrellas
  18. cardboard boxes
  19. unused storage containers
  20. loose change (place in a jar and deposit it at the bank)
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Tamara Tulloch Burton
Tamara Tulloch Burton
2 months ago

eyeglasses, sunglasses even if broken or scratched can be donated to a local service group ( check your local area) and they can be used again for those underprivileged. Similar to “Dr’s Without Boarder” but they are optometrists that fix, repair and hand out the donations of old glasses. Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre (CLERC) has over 160 locations through Hakim Optical alone.

2 months ago

broken umbrella’s! I always forget to toss ’em once they are dried up!

2 months ago

If you are donating bedding or towels, consider giving them to an animal shelter. They can always use those items.

Felicia Renee
2 months ago
Reply to  Redheadhime

Good tip! I’ve done that with towels before.