5 Things to Declutter This Weekend

Y’all we’re about to enter July and that means we have six whole months left in this year. 2020 hasn’t been close to probably anything we thought it would be, but let’s make the most of it.

During quarantine and my no spend month – I’ve made it a point to look at what I have, be more intentional, and declutter. This weekend is just as good as any to examine your surroundings and to get rid of some things. So to get you in the mood of simplifying your life and to get rid of extra things you just don’t need. Start with these five things/areas that you can declutter over a week by doing each section once a day, or knock it all out this weekend.


1 | beauty products

It’s summertime, which means that it is a great time to focus on nailing your skincare routine and wear less makeup. It’ll all melt off anyways, so give your skin a break and use a great SPF! It’s also a perfect time to check those expiration dates and get rid of old, expired products and products you don’t like. I wrote a post all about how to declutter your beauty products. This post includes expiration guidelines, so reference it to know what’s good and what’s not.

2 | your junk drawer

You’ll probably think this is crazy, but I do not believe in having a junk drawer. I don’t have one and doubt I ever will. I think that everything should have a place and be organized. (How I have organized mine is in the image below). When you live this way you’ll always be able to find things. So when you are done with an item, put it back where it belongs.

3 | kitchen

Most of these things you “should” do during spring cleaning, but there’s nothing wrong with cleaning out the fridge/freezer/pantry in June. It’s a great way to throw on some music, clear your mind, and get rid of old food. Also, organize food so you eat up what’s about to expire. Make sure to check your spices and if they don’t have a scent throw those out! That’s one item that gets missed a lot, so make sure you use them up before buying more. For the most part with everything going on, including the pandemic, it’s a great way to use up what you have instead of constantly going to the store or hoarding.

4 | old tech & extra cords

We all have those broken iPhone cords, cords we have no idea what it goes to, and extra phone cases from the iPhone we had three models ago. It’s time to let all of that stuff go and get rid of it all! Make sure to sell any gadgets that still work and are in mint condition.

5 | books

Books are one thing I used to hoard for no good reason. When I left my last job and I was living in a different city. I decided that I would declutter my books and only keep what I love, want to read again, and coffee table books. Currently, I have maybe 20 books instead of the hundreds I used to own. I took the books I no longer wanted to Half Price Book Store and I was able to sell most of them. Whatever couldn’t be sold, I donated to a nonprofit organization that I used to intern at where they sold books in their bookstore. Books can also be donated to your local library, you can do a book exchange with a friend, or you can take them to your local Goodwill.

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5 months ago

I organized our junk drawer— it’s various repurposed containers with things like pens, pencils, rubber bands, notepads, tape dispenser, measuring tape and rulers, a couple of screwdrivers we use a lot, band-aids, scissors….anyway, our then-5-year-old decided it was the “thing drawer,” because it doesn’t actually contain junk. So that’s the new name. Yours would also appear to be a thing drawer. 🙂

Felicia Renee
5 months ago
Reply to  gm

Haha I agree, I like it!

Deborah Nam-Krane
Deborah Nam-Krane
5 months ago

Your “junk” drawer would make Marie Kondo proud 🙂 I have a box of books I am just waiting to donate (and another box worth of library books I can’t wait to return) once the pandemic is over. It’s nice to have space on your shelf for a rotating collection.

Felicia Renee
5 months ago

I couldn’t agree more. That’s nice to have a rotation going – especially when it’s something you love!