About The Blogger

Hey y’all! I’m Felicia.

A twenty-something, Kentucky native that loves simplicity and white marble. I am a self-proclaimed minimalist that is constantly challenging it. Because living a simple and minimal lifestyle doesn’t mean that you should rid yourself of every thing you own.

I have been running this blog for two years now and I am starting to find what I enjoy to publish.

about the felicia renee

In February 2016, I created this blog in the hope of sharing my love of finding the simplicity in life. This is a place where I share the little joys of life, the simple side of beauty, ways to simplify your life, and travel in a meaningful way.

The minimalist aspect comes from when I studied abroad in Beijing during the spring semester of my junior year in undergrad in 2015. All of my possessions resided within a medium-sized suitcase, a carry-on, and an oversized purse. Living out of these three items for five months taught me that I needed to only surround myself with the things that I actually needed. I also realized that I needed to change my life in a drastic way. So, I began my journey of simple living and decluttering with the help of a few blogs that I fell in love with.

I hope that my posts inspire you to declutter your life, buy less, enjoy skincare, and travel to somewhere exciting!

You can find new posts every Friday at 7am EDT. 


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