An Update On My 2017 Goals

Since June is in a few days and it will be six months into the year. I thought it was time for an update on my 2017 goals. The older I get it feels like each year passes by even faster, do you ever feel that way? I remember when I was in middle school and I couldn’t wait to be older. Now, I just want it all to slow down, if only, right? I learned a few things in 2016 and for this year I wanted to try something new by creating new year’s resolutions.

This was the first year that I’ve ever formally set new year’s resolutions. Because I never truly understood the point since most people don’t complete them and everyone chooses the same type of goals, such as losing weight, eating better, or reading more.

This year, I joined the group of people that created goals for themselves. And so far I’d say, I’m doing pretty good. Well, actually I’m doing much better than I expected, but I’ve decided to revise one of them: my goal to read 100 books. Since I just haven’t read as much as I’d like too. So instead of putting so much pressure on myself, I’m using my own advice to not beat myself up over these resolutions. By continuing to pursue my goals for the rest of 2017, but with a revised version that is more attainable.

my goals for the rest of 2017:

1 | read a bunch of books

Reading 100 books in a year is great and it’s on my bucket list to do. Maybe I’ll try again next year, but right now it’s just not feasible for me. So I decided to cut the amount of books I wanted to read this year in half (or less). I have a lot on my plate right now and it’s easier for me to try to read one or two books a week. I still love to read and there are so many ways to read more, but I realized that I need to start slow.

Some weeks I haven’t finished a book in a week because I have been too busy. Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts even more and watching bloggers on YouTube. I also didn’t have structure for how I wanted to complete this goal. So I began reading books that I’ve read before and I don’t think that works. I needed to create a list of all of the books I wanted to read and go down the list. So, since I have thirty weeks left in 2017. I know that I can achieve this goal! I’ve created a mental list of books that I want to read including a few from this list. Maybe reading twenty-five books in 2017 will be best for me, but if I could read fifty that would be better!

2 | save more, spend less 

I’m doing great with this goal. I’ve been saving a lot and spending a lot less. I will admit that I was going on a shopping binge, and I have no idea where that came from. But the minimalist in me is back and decluttering has been in full force. So, I’ve tried a few new tactics with toiletries, makeup, and my style. All of the tips will be posted on here very soon.

3 | find a workout routine i enjoy 

This has been an up and down battle. I’ve been to the gym a lot this year, but it’s not something I truly enjoy. One thing I do enjoy is yoga, and walking is okay. So I’m working on creating a plan for working out a few days a week and getting back to eating healthier. I also want some new running shoes, but I will not buy any new ones for myself until I get into a consistent routine.

4 | make my wellbeing a priority 

I’m working on this by putting my health first in every way and taking better care of myself. By listening to podcasts that are empowering and creating a good self-care practice. I’m also working on creating an ideal morning and evening routine that’s enjoyable. I’ve really been loving having self-care days and using face masks.

5 | complete my rebrand 

Done! As you can probably tell, my entire website is different and I love it. It is easier to navigate and I love the cool tones that I use now as apart of my color palette. I did this entire rebrand myself with the help of a theme from White Oak Creative.

6 | be more social on social media 

I’m truly working on this. I am the most active on Pinterest, but I’m trying to post more consistently on Instagram. Although, Instagram is hard because it’s such a fake curated version of people’s lives, but at the same time I love photography. Whereas, Facebook groups have become very popular lately. And it seems like more people are getting invested in it again, which is hard for me because I’m not a fan. And my favorite platform, Twitter is still dying, but I love it!

7 | have a consistent posting schedule 

I have been doing great with this since taking my blogging break and coming back full-time! I have missed one day, but that may happen from time to time. As you may have noticed, new posts will be up every single Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday at 7am EDT. Also, the last Friday of each month I will discuss my Five Friday Favorites from the month.

So far I’m doing pretty well with my goals, but I still have six more months to accomplish them all.

how are you doing with your 2017 goals?

xx, tfr.