Update on My 2019 Low Buy Year, the Blogging, & Turning 25

I want to update y’all on a few things. I started this blog my senior year of college after coming back from a semester abroad in Beijing, China. Little did I know then that my life would not be anything like I “planned” it would be at this point and you know what? I’m glad. I thought that my life would be over if I wasn’t a 3L in law school at 25 with a job prospect at a big law firm in New York making over six figures a year working 80+ hours a week. That is not my life at all and it’s taken awhile, but I’m okay with that. Because I’ve had to learn that things don’t go the way you plan them and sometimes it’s for the best.

on my 2019 low buy year update

The main thing that this low buy year has taught me so far is to stop regretting/justifying why I spend money. It is okay to buy things and I shouldn’t feel bad about it. Yesterday, I re-watched the Minimalism documentary and this time it resonated with me. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about turning 25 and where I want my life to go for the next 25 to 50 years. I’ve realized there are some things I want to add to my life and some things I want to get rid of, like most of my social media.

on turning 25

I turned 25 on Sunday. It wasn’t my favorite birthday, but being alone for most of it made me realize a lot. It’s crazy to me that I’m 25. It feels like it is such a milestone birthday and ready or not, it happened. I feel like there is so much in store for me this year and I’m ready to take it all on. I’ve always felt like my birthday was the beginning of the new year for me, not Jan. 1st.

I’ve learned so much over the past 25 years including learning to accept the parts of me that I used to hate. Because whether or not I like them, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So I’m learning to love me instead of hating things about myself. That takes too much effort and frankly, I don’t have time for that nonsense. So either people will accept me for who I am or they won’t. Cause everyone isn’t going to like you and that is okay. I’ve had to learn that not everything works out and that is okay, too!

on blogging for 3 years

Blogging has taught me that I am a very creative person, but it’s hard for me to be passionate about creativity when I share it with everyone. I’m more of an artist in private and there’s nothing wrong with that. I tried blogging and I’ve realized that most of this world is not for me. Consumption and living intentionally when it comes to blogging is a hard thing for me to juggle. Maybe my idea of it all will change, but that’s what I thought two years ago. When I signed up for two more years of my hosting so I would “change my mind” and want to pursue this wholeheartedly. But to be honest with y’all, nothing changed. The only thing that changed was my career outside of the blog and how I want to express myself creatively, which is still unknown.

For now, I’ve decided to remove all advertising from my blog and any association with it along with sponsorships. I don’t want to say that this will be my last blog post, but it might be. I can’t commit to being consistent on here when I don’t even care to publish a post half of the time, or share something on Instagram. So, this isn’t goodbye because I’m not getting rid of my newsletter and I’ve renewed my domain for now. Instead this is more of a pause and a see you later.

Until then, let’s connect on Instagram and Pinterest. I’d love to chat about how you’re living your life, intentionally

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