Five Body Products For Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin can be very rough at times. I’ve tried a countless amount of products and it can definitely be tiring. Since I’ve tried a new approach to purchasing and trying toiletries I’ve noticed a difference in my skin and decluttering habits. Decluttering isn’t something you do once and just never think about it again – but instead it’s a process. Since I’ve learned this I’ve been narrowing my focus more and trying to figure out what products I like to put on my body and what I don’t.

While I was going through products I realized that I had just the perfect amount with maybe a few extras. That would be used as soon as I completed my current products that are in my bathroom. While doing this, I realized that I have finally found the products that don’t irritate my sensitive skin. These products are as simple as can be and natural (for the most part). I haven’t found all-natural products to completely eradicate some of my products that include substances that I don’t like. So for now, I’m using a 80/20 approach for my sanity and wallet.

Until then, I will keep trying a few new products. However, there are five body products that are my sensitive skin saviors!

five body products for sensitive skin:

1 | aveeno positively smooth shaving gel

The is the best shaving gel I have ever used in my entire life! It is extremely soft and glides on very smooth. I love it! I haven’t found another shaving gel that compares, so if you know of a natural one I’d love to hear your suggestions below!

2 | simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes

I’ve used a lot of facial wipes and I’m trying to move away from them because they not great for your skin. However, these face wipes take off my eye makeup perfectly and I love them mainly for that reason alone. Especially on nights when I’ve been working all day and I don’t feel like going through my skincare routine (I still do) and they’re helpful for me to go through it very quickly.

3 | aveda beautifying body moisturizer

I’ve tried a lot of body lotions in my life to find something that would soothe my very dry and sensitive skin. When I finally tried this body moisturizer it changed my life. It may be a little pricey for the size, but one bottle lasts for a few months for me. When I can’t squeeze anymore out of the tube, I cut it in half and make sure to use every single drop! I haven’t found any body lotions that compare!

4 | cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

This is my go-to face wash! I don’t use the facial cleanser by them because it breaks me out, but this skin cleanser is gentle enough for your face. Just like the bottle says it is! It is extremely gentle and it feels very soft on the skin! If you’d like to know how I use it as apart of my night time skincare routine, you can find out all about that here!

5 | dove sensitive skin beauty bar

This my current go-to body soap that I use a daily basis. There is no scent, but you still get the moisturizing effects that the original Dove soap gives. I love this bar because it does not irritate my sensitive skin, nor does it make my skin feel rough after using it. Another great thing is that it does not include a lot of toxins that most soaps have, mainly because fragrance isn’t included! So based on Think Dirty app’s scale of toxins it is a 3/10, so it is not a toxic product at all!