My Current Style Mindset

Style has always been apart of my life. It was the first thing that made me curious about minimalism and simple living. The thought that I could curate the perfect wardrobe that I’d love and wear every single day sounded amazing. I remember back to middle school when I wanted to be a fashion designer, oh how things have changed. But back then I thought that style was what defined a person so the more patterns, prints, and colors the better! Today, my style consists of slouchy sweaters, black leggings, dark jeans, and a few simple t-shirts. My style has definitely evolved as I have and recently it has changed even more.

I’m pretty sure you’ve hard of capsule wardrobes and I personally think they could be great. It totally depends on if you’re using this as an excuse to buy a new curated wardrobe, or to actually learn to love what currently resides in your own closet. I’ve been wanting to overhaul my own wardrobe for a while – since the last time I did so was almost three years ago. But before I start looking for curated pieces to pull together a brand new wardrobe. I feel like it’s time for me to fall back in love with what my own style consists of and what I’d like to have in my own wardrobe.

I recently decided that I want to curate a simple wardrobe out of mainly sustainable fashion. I’m not sure if a 100% sustainable wardrobe will be possible for me, but if so that would be great. I want to love every single item that I acquire, but the catch is that I don’t want to purchase a brand new wardrobe until 2018.

my current style mindset

Yes, you read that right. In pure minimalist fashion, I am going to curate an ideal wardrobe and purchase items in about seven months. I want to savor the fact that I can curate a simple, sustainable wardrobe. However, I don’t want to rush and purchase everything and end up in the same place that I currently reside. I want to love each piece of clothing that I acquire. So, I’ve decide to take the time that is necessary to figure out what exactly I’d like in my wardrobe when it comes to patterns, texture, and style. I want pieces that would work perfectly for work meetings, events, and laying around the house.

The decision to wait to purchase a lot of items and curate a simple wardrobe until 2018 was pretty easy. At first thought this was insane, but then again – I own a lot of clothes (at least to me it’s a lot). I have a small three drawer dresser and a small closet full of my clothes. Curated pieces that I have loved over time, but I have turned to leggings and t-shirts about 95% of the time. I realized that it was time for me to stop purchasing items for my “ideal wardrobe” until I figure out why I began loving what I currently own. And in order for me to do so, I believe that I need to take a step back from the world of fast fashion and begin looking at my own clothing as a fun thing that I can play with.

If you don’t know what fashion fashion is, it is when clothing items go from the runway to stores in a quick manner by using cheap goods and services.

my style approach for the rest of the year

I’ve decided to use capsule wardrobes for each season to determine how I want to shop and style my own wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes first became popular from blogs, like Un-Fancy and Be More With Less. I love their ideas of capsule wardrobes and I am definitely taking inspiration from them, but I am curating my own capsules differently. For example, I will be curating a capsule wardrobe seasonally. However, I don’t think I will be giving myself a budget to purchase anything new for each season. Instead, I will be working with whatever I currently own by decluttering the items and wearing what’s left. I mean, I plan to purchase a lot of new items in 2018. So I’d rather not waste my money on temporary clothing.

When I think back to when I studied abroad, a few of my clothing items ripped. When that happened I didn’t run to the mall and purchase more clothing. Instead, I wore the shorts I brought with me more and started wearing a dress to mix things up a little. I styled both of them differently so I could spend the rest of my money on rent, food, and seeing Beijing.

Learning to spend less and loving what I own is the reason that I became a minimalist in the first place. And I want to get back to the simplicity of it all, especially when it comes to my style. By using capsule wardrobes I plan to reassess what I currently own and let the rest go. I really want to practice slow-living when it comes to style and move away from this world of fast fashion. It’s annoying when I purchase items that rip after two wears, or shrink once they’re washed. I also want to have items that fit my body type and I feel comfortable in. Instead of feeling like I need to constantly tug on a shirt, or pull up my pants because I feel self-conscious in my cheap clothing.

curating a simple wardrobe

Since graduating college I’ve wanted a different, but simpler wardrobe. My taste has definitely changed and my style is evolving with it. Which I believe is why I haven’t been wearing my “cute” clothing much. Instead I’ve been throwing on what’s easy, like a t-shirt and leggings.

Now that I’ve decided to curate the ideal wardrobe I’d like to have, but wait to purchase these items. I hope that it inspires me (and you) to reassess what you currently own and make sure that you love it! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’ll definitely give updates on my capsules and how they’re going too. I’d love to know if you’ve ever tried a capsule wardrobe and if it worked!


22 thoughts on “My Current Style Mindset

  1. Chikumo Fiseko

    I have too many clothes and complain I have nothing. Seriously need to minimise!

  2. Globejamun

    My wardrobe is always overflowing. I keep saying il cut it, but doesn’t happen 😂

  3. Brooke Burton

    You have a really nice writing style. I adore minimalistic wardrobe. It’s hard to commit to but, I’m working on mine.

  4. Kasia

    I think it’s always a good idea to asses what you already have in your wardrobe before you head out and spend money on all the new trends. I do this pretty much once a year. I get rid of stuff I don’t need and perhaps pick up just a few new items that strike my fancy. Great ideas here.

  5. Niki Bozionelou

    Simple and classy pieces all the way! The more I grow older, the more I shop like that!

  6. Mercy

    I’ve always had tiny wardrobes overflowing with clothing. Thanks to frequent travel I’ve cut down on a lot of my clothes. I still have a long way to go though. 😂

  7. Tahnee Flack

    I love a good capsule wardrobe but I’m not self disciplined enough 😂😂😂

  8. Tahna

    I am also workin on a minimalist wardrobe, both coz it’s convenient and it matches my aesthetics. 🙂


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