How To Declutter Your Beauty Products

You probably think this post is all about makeup, but it’s not! It’s about beauty in general, from hair products to toothpaste.

Each season I work on decluttering a lot, and of course I declutter my beauty products. Also, I’ve been trying a new minimalist approach to toiletries and it’s working. Although, there are moments when I do need to purchase something because I ran out. But other than that, shopping for toiletries only once a month is best for me!

Hand creams, body scrubs, and face masks are the hardest things for me to get rid of, but it’s necessary when they’re expired. While I was going through products I realized that I had just the perfect amount with maybe a few extras. While doing this, I realized that I have finally found the best products that don’t irritate my sensitive skin. These products are as simple as can be and natural (for the most part).

I’ve been transitioning to all-natural and organic beauty for a while. But coconut oil and any variation of it irritates my skin profusely being that I’m allergic to it. So I haven’t found all-natural products to complete eradicate some of the conventional products that I use that include substances I don’t like.

It can be a very tedious process, but I think I’m finally ready to take it a lot more serious. However, it all begins by decluttering what I currently have, storing the extras, using them up and finding all-natural and organic replacements. Until then, I will keep trying a few new products after decluttering my beauty products.

how to declutter your beauty products:

All beauty products have an expiration date. Some are sooner than others so it’s always good to take note of beauty expiration dates. Beauty products expire because the efficiency of active ingredients becomes compromised over time. Expired products also hold onto bacteria, which can give you an infection, or irritate your skin. You can also get pink eye, or bumps and acne on your face. So decluttering your beauty products is not only great to replace products that no longer have effect ingredients, but it is also good for your wellbeing.

Below I’ve created a basic list of products that should be tossed. I abide by this guideline each time I do a seasonal declutter of my beauty products.

when to toss out expired products:

every three months

  • mascara
  • nail files
  • acne pads

every six months

  • liquid eyeliner
  • acne washes
  • face wash
  • serums

every six months to a year

  • moisturizers
  • eye cream
  • acne creams
  • sunscreen
  • liquid foundation
  • liquid concealer

every two years

  • shampoo (if opened)
  • conditioner  (if opened)
  • hair gels  (if opened)
  • shaving cream & gel
  • toothpaste
  • perfume
  • nail polish
  • lip gloss
  • body oils
  • face masks

every three years

  • deodorant
  • mouthwash
  • body lotion
  • hairspray
  • soap (bars & liquid)
  • face powder
  • eyeshadow
  • lipstick
  • shampoo (if closed)
  • conditioner (if closed)
  • hair gels  (if closed)

lasts up to five years

  • lip pencils
  • eyeliner pencils
  • eyebrow pencils

storing extra beauty products

First organize your remaining products by keeping only what you use in your bathroom. I do this and it’s the perfect way to make sure that I don’t have extra items just laying around being unused.

The rest of my items reside in a storage bin that is easily accessible. Since sometimes there are products that you’d purchase multiples of because you use it up quickly. Otherwise it is best to wait until once a month to purchase a product. It helps your wallet and you’ll be using up a product in the appropriate amount of time without it expiring!

when do you toss expired products?


8 thoughts on “How To Declutter Your Beauty Products

  1. Tara Modarelli

    Have you tried Beauty Counter products? They are made in the US and have NO harmful ingredients. They are sold by consultants across the US. I like their foundation and sunscreen. The product line includes choices for different skin types, sensitive skin and everyone from babies on up.

    1. Felicia Renee

      I have before I found out about my coconut allergy. But most of their products contain coconut or derivatives, which I am highly allergic too.

  2. Alissa Carpenter

    This was so helpful! I know I need to get rid of some of my makeup but wasn’t sure how long each product lasted. Thanks for breaking it down!


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