Lasted updated: 8 August 2020.

1. Terms of Use

By being on this blog you comply with the terms of use. You are taking part in this blog’s services and you are accepting this disclaimer as truth. If you do not like what is on this site and/or disagree with the statements. You can refrain from taking part in reading and/or using the services on this site.

2. Copyright Policy

The Felicia Renee is the legal copyright holder of all of the material that is on this blog. Including, but not limited to, graphics, text, site layout, and photographs. She is the only one allowed to reprint, sell, publish, or distribute materials on this blog. You are permitted from doing so unless you have written consent from the blogger. You can get consent by emailing the blogger at thefeliciarenee@gmail.com. If the blogger believes that you adhere to her terms, and gives you consent. If you do not have consent to distribute materials on this blog, legal actions can be taken against you. Everything on The Felicia Renee has been created by me (Felicia) unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any photos or content without asking my permission.

3. Hold Harmless

All of the information that is displayed on this blog is for entertainment purposes only. The blogger is not a doctor, psychologist, or specialist of any kind. Everything she says is based on her own opinion, and she is not affiliated with any companies that are mentioned – unless otherwise stated. All of the information that you are reading and/or using from this blog is at your discretion; unless it is violating my copyright policy.

4. Privacy Statement

Every reader will have their personal/contact information protected, and it will not be distributed to another company. The blogger will not add your contact information to spam lists, or distribute it to anyone. However, she is not responsible for the privacy practices of any advertisers, or blog commenters’ use of information.

5. Reserve Rights

The blogger reserves the right to change her blog at any time without prior notice. She also reserves the right to terminate the use of this blog, being able to sell this blog or change this disclaimer whenever she sees fits. At her own discretion, these rights will be performed.

6. Photography

If anyone wants to use photos on this site that were taken by the blogger. Email thefeliciarenee@gmail.com, or use social media to make her aware of the usage. Also, make sure to give credit back to this site and make sure that the blogger is satisfied with the usage. All other forms of usage is a violation of the blogger’s rights of her photographs. Unless otherwise stated, all of the photos were taken by the blogger or from sites where the images were published for commercial use.

7. External Links

She is not responsible for other companies’ actions. If you click an external link you must comply with that company’s terms and conditions and resolve any issues that may come forth with those companies. All of the external links are geared towards companies that the blogger believes to be a contribution to materials amongst her blog posts. She is not responsible for the information that these companies have on their websites.

8. Advertising

At this time, the blogger is not open to most partnerships and sponsorships (ads). However, if you would like to contact her please do so by email at thefeliciarenee@gmail.com. Anything that is sent to her will become her possession and can be used however she sees fit. Please contact her by providing your name, what you want to contribute, what you want this site to contribute, and what the next steps need to be. It is up to the blogger’s discretion to discontinue a partnership at any time if she believes it to be harmful to her, or her brand.

9. Affilate Links

At this time, the blogger is not a participant in affiliate advertising programs designed to provide sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to the website. If a post includes affiliate or sponsorship links these links are no longer active. The Felicia Renee will only post about products that were received through press samples, or any that she has purchased herself. It is at her discretion to share these products with you. She only recommends products that she genuinely loves and would give to someone she cares about. She cannot guarantee that everything mentioned will work for every skin, or body type. Please take this into consideration when purchasing a product that has been recommended.

10. Use of Cookies

Cookies are placed on the device you are viewing this site on and remember when this device accesses this website. These cookies do not collect personal information such as your name or address, however, they monitor your browsing behavior. These cookies and the information they collect help improve this site for you and future visitors by monitoring the traffic of users for the success of content. Cookies can be disabled by your web browser, although this will vary depending on what you are using.

11. Third Party Services

This website uses Amazon, Google Analytics, and Disqus, which are third-party services. Google Analytics collects standard internet login information, traffic, and each visitor’s behavioral patterns. This information is used by myself to calculate the number of views that are on my site in a month and/or year. This information is published in my media kit. I do not make, nor do I allow Google to make, any attempt to identify any individual accessing this website.

Disqus is a third-party commenting system that utilizes this website to collect personal information, such as your email address. The data collected by Disqus is stored by them and you can find more information about their privacy policy here.

This website is no longer apart of Amazon Associates, which is an affiliate third party service. If you click a link that was used during the time the site was affiliated with Amazon, the blogger will no longer receive a commission. Please see the external links section above. You can find out more information about Amazon’s conditions of use here.

12. Contact Information

Questions about this disclaimer should be sent to thefeliciarenee@gmail.com.

The disclaimer was last updated on August 8, 2020. The Disclaimer for thefeliciarenee.com may be updated at any time without prior notice. Major changes to the thefeliciarenee.com’s policies will be announced.