Felicia’s Five Favorites | May 2017

Last month, I began my first install of monthly favorites and I enjoyed it. I hope you did too. May was definitely a month full of self-reflection, which is a good thing. I read some pretty great books and tried a few new things. It seems like May flew by. Although, I’m pretty sure that’s a phrase that has been overused every single month that the previous month flew by. One thing that has been on my mind this past month is how I see minimalism and living minimally. I know that my perceived notion of it has definitely changed and I have went through spouts of overspending and buying items that I didn’t need. Which is one reason why I wrote my last post about my style mindset and getting back to the simplicity of it all.

My five favorites for May 2017. There is something to read, something to smell, something to wear, something to listen to and something to try.

my five favorites from may:

something to read: When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

This was the first book I read in May and it was such a great choice! I absolutely love this book and it is a must read for every single person! It is a nonfiction book about Paul Kalanithi who is curious (and afraid) when it comes to death. In this book, he comes up close and personal with death as a Neurosurgery Resident. I don’t want to give any more away, but this book will definitely inspire you in more ways than one.

something to smell: room scents

So, I love a clean and fresh living space especially when it comes to scents. I love Bath & Body Works wallflowers and candles. It takes forever for them to be used up completely, so I absolutely love them. I purchased a few on sale in December and I haven’t had to buy any new ones since. If you’d like an air freshener that is very potent and long-lasting than these are for you! But in all honesty, room scents of any kind will work.

something to wear: dainty rings

I have always been an avid ring wearer. But lately I have gotten back into wearing rings all the time, every day. I love simple rings that can be stacked, or rings with simple jewels. Usually I purchase mine from American Eagle because you can get a seven rings in one package at buy one get one half off a few times a year. Otherwise I pick up single rings whenever mine get worn, lost, or turn colors.

something to listen to: the chasing joy podcast

Podcasts have been apart of my life for a while now. When I first listened to them I was hooked and I wanted to find more and more. However, lately I’ve been decreasing my consumption when it comes to podcasts, YouTube channels, and social media in general.

But one thing I have done is found a few podcasts I enjoy and binge-listened to them to catch up. One of them is The Chasing Joy Podcast by Georgie over at In It 4 The Long Run. It is one of my newfound loves when it comes to podcasts. If you’d like to know more about this podcast I wrote a post: here. You can also try it out for yourself by listening to it on iTunes.

something to try: wearing less makeup

I have been working a lot on defining what minimalism means to me by focusing on the simplicity of it all. One way that I have done this is by curating a minimal makeup  collection. I did this to find essentials that worked for my life and my extremely sensitive skin. I also wanted to wear less makeup and let my skin breathe. During this past month, I have probably worn makeup about two or three times a week. Most of the time I don’t even bother, instead I focus on my skincare and face masks. I let these days be my no-makeup, natural beauty days.

what were your favorite things in may?

xx, tfr.