Five Books I’ve Read Lately

One of my goals for 2017 is to read 100 books. I’ve attempted this goal before and only read about ninety-five books. However, this year I’m determined to get back to my love of reading books and read 100 or more of them.

I love getting lost in a story, or reading something that will improve my life in a great way. I’m constantly adding books that I want to read to my Goodreads account. But I’ve been pretty terrible at keeping track of the books that I’ve actually completed. I’ll work on that soon, promise.

There are many ways to get yourself to read more. Everyone’s reading style varies, but I’ve definitely learned what works best for me. Audiobooks are great if you’re an audible learner, whereas for me, I need a book in my hand (or my Nook). That’s the best way for me to absorb all that I’m reading and to take it at face value.

Since I’ve been working diligently on reading more, here are five books I’ve read lately. Maybe you’ll want to read them, too!

five books i’ve read lately:

1 | simple matters by erin boyle

Erin Boyle is possibly the reason why I am a minimalist (in progress). I fell in love with her blog, reading my tea leaves, when I came back from living in China. You can read more about that on my about me page. For me, I’ll get to the point of minimalism and simplicity that I’d like to be in when I have a tiny house like Tiny House Nation and own all eco-friendly and natural products. I’m on my way, but I’m not there 100% yet. It definitely takes a lot of time. I’ve been in the process of transitioning my life for the past three years.

Simple Matters is a book that details ways to simplify every aspect of your life. From creating a minimalist wardrobe (her tips are amazing) to ways to make the most of a tiny space.

Recommend: yes!

2 | bloom by estée lalonde

If you don’t know who Estée is then you’re missing out. She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger and vlogger. She does blog, but posts more to her YouTube channel than her website. My sister actually bought me this book for Christmas and I loved it. Estée is one of the many bloggers that actually gave me the confidence to start blogging, which I’m glad I did.

Bloom is a book all about her life and different aspects of her life from being a Canadian that moved to London to her love of plants. We definitely have a love of plants and earth tones in common.

Recommend: yes!

3 | the girl on the train by paula hawkins

So, I’m a sucker for thrillers and after reading so many self-help books I needed a change. My favorite author of all time is Harlan Coben. He cannot write a book that I do not like. So, when I  n saw the movie trailer for The Girl On The Train, I knew I had to read the book. I’m the type of person that would rather read the book than watch the movie. To me, books to me tell more about a story than a movie.

Unfortunately this book did not live up to the hype, in my opinion. I’ve actually watched the movie, as well. And I didn’t like the movie adaptation either.

This book is only good if thrillers aren’t your favorite genre, but this is purely my opinion. If you read thrillers a lot, I’d recommend skipping this book and move onto something better.

Recommend: no

4 | the life-changing magic of tyding up by marie kondo

Everyone in the self-help and minimalism world has been talking so much about this book, so I finally decided to see what all the hype was about. I get why this book is very helpful, but it can also be pretty contradictory for new minimalists.

If you’d like to get a taste of minimalism, I’d recommend starting out with Simple Matters (listed above). Whereas, this book is a lot more helpful for people that know a lot about minimalism and are in the process of simplifying their life. Still, it’s a great and quick read for all of the aspiring minimalists out there.

Recommend: yes

5 | the art of doing nothing by veronique vienne

This wasn’t my first time reading this book, but I can never read it enough. I never decided if I wanted to read 100 books that I’ve never read before this year, or to read 100 books in general. I guess the decision was made for me when I read this book again.

When I first began learning more about self-care, I got this little book from a bookstore that I was interning at. It is a short book (around eighty pages) that discusses simple ways to make time for yourself from bathing to waiting. Very quick and easy tips that you can incorporate into your life each and every day.

Recommend: yes!