Five Signs A Simple Lifestyle Is For You

The idea of living simply is easy. However, actually living a simple lifestyle is not always easy, but it is doable. You may be unsure whether or not this is something that you could do on a daily basis. Because actually practicing living a simple lifestyle and taking part in decluttering and reorganizing your life is sometimes hard to imagine. Until you truly try it and how people felt when they did as well begin to make sense.

When I was toying with the idea of whether or not I wanted to take the plunge and live simply and minimally. I thought about all of the reasons as to why I could not do so. Then, I realized that the five things I mentioned below were holding me back. Once I embarked on my simple living journey, I have never turned back. Here are my top five signs that a simple lifestyle is for you.

five signs that a simple lifestyle is for you:

1 | you are unhappy

First off, I want to say that living a more minimal and simple lifestyle will not make you feel happy. However, I have also learned that happiness cannot be found in stuff. Happiness is found when you are content with who you are and your situation in life. Sometimes you can become so caught up in your possessions that you are not slowing down and enjoying your life. Instead you are blinded by all of the stuff around you.

I have realized that when I paired down a lot of clothing and decluttered every aspect of my life. That I felt so much better and so much clarity in my life. This may not be the case for every single person that decides to embark on a simple living journey. However, from a lot of the various blogs and posts I have read from other fellow minimalists. We have all had the same outlook. We have all learned to look beyond our possessions and to focus only on what truly matters.

When you learn to focus on what matters to you, instead of just filling up your space with stuff. You will notice a change in your life and you begin to feel happier with having items that bring you joy. Instead of having something that impresses others, but you could really care less about.

2 | you want a change

When I stumbled upon various minimalist blogs my last year of college, I was very complacent. But deep-down inside, I wanted a change. I wanted something different and something new. Being ready to graduate, move to a new city, and meet some new people. I loved my surroundings, but it was so comfortable.

The first step I made in my minimalist journey was creating a minimalist wardrobe. When I made a change with something as dear to me as my wardrobe, I was ready to take the complete plunge into living a minimal and simple lifestyle. I began decluttering, donating, and throwing away so many items it was hard for me to stop. I was obsessed.

This was such a huge change in my life that I truly needed. To the point where I was such an extremely happy person that I told everyone about minimalism. It was such a new aspect of my life that changed my outlook on everything.

Sometimes when you want a change, you begin searching for something and you’re not even sure what you are looking for. But if your curious about simplicity at all, this may be the change that you need. I mean, does it really hurt to donate half of your clothing that you do not wear? No. Try it and see how you feel.

3 | you need to save money

One of the first things I did when I decided to live a simpler life was work on my finances. I took part in a no-spend month and I evaluated my spending habits in great detail. I also made a savings plan, and made sure to take on more hours at work so I could achieve the goals I set for myself.

It is so easy to save and make money when you don’t have a lot of things to spend money on. By living simply you purchase only the bare essentials and get rid of (or use up) the rest. For instance, if you have twelve different types of shampoo, why are you buying another type to “try”? You can use up the ones you have, or give them away if you do not like them. Once they are all gone, then you should purchase more.

In today’s society, we see spending as something that we do so freely without thinking about it. When people are always saying, I need to save money, I need to make more money, I need, need, need. You don’t “need” any of the stuff you say you do. You want it.

When you reevaluate your true needs from wants you will notice a huge difference in your finances. Because you don’t need Netflix, but you do need water. By becoming a simplistic person, you will save so much money on extra expenses that you have each month like, Netflix, Apple Music, Cable TV, etc.

4 | you like organization

Decluttering your life is the biggest aspect of organization. You are able to rid yourself of items that you do not need. You just get rid of so much stuff. I definitely like to be an organized person, but at times my room gets a little messy. I mean, who’s doesn’t? Especially when it is my blog photography day because the lighting is the best in my room.

Still, my point is that when you get rid of a lot of junk that you don’t use. You are able to see all of the things that you own. These items should only be things that you truly value. Living a simple lifestyle is about being around things that bring you joy. It is also about decluttering and organizing in a way that clears your life and home of clutter.

Because why would you want a pair of jeans if they don’t fit? You’re wasting space by keeping something that you may want “someday”. Instead of donating this item to a local Goodwill, or a charity. This item could be used by someone else that cannot afford clothing.

When I went through the organization and decluttering process, I felt so much relief and clarity. I am now able to see everything that I own, and I love all of it. Because if I no longer love an item, I get rid of it. I don’t ever want anything in my midst again that I do not value.

5 | you are curious about minimalism

If you are curious at all about minimalism – try it! I mean, what are you waiting for?

Minimalism is not only a lifestyle, but it is a mindset. It is a mindset that allows you to live simply and get rid of things that are just taking up space. You learn to free yourself of clutter and negativity. You learn to get rid of people, or things that frustrate you or constantly make you upset. Not only will you become happier, but also you will feel so much better.

Like I said previously, minimalism or simplicity does not guarantee happiness. However, it does not hurt to try it. When you try something new you are opening yourself up to new possibilities and maybe living a simple lifestyle is just what you need.

xx, tfr.

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4 years ago

Love this!! I keep saying I need to declutter down to only the things that bring me joy. I think it’s time to start.

Felicia Renee
4 years ago
Reply to  LeighannM

Yes! Do it! You will feel so much better, I was in the same predicament over a year ago. And I just took the plunge and did it and I felt so much better.