Five Things I Could Stop Buying

When discussing, reading, or learning about minimalism it is easy to constantly see things that are geared toward consumption. But one thing I’ve thought about recently is what are things we buy, but would could stop buying. However, we don’t stop buying it because we don’t have too, or it’s convenient.

There are a lot of things that I could stop buying, I’ve tried to stop buying, or just want to buy anyways. So, I’ve complied l list of things that I could stop buying, but haven’t. I’ve been slowing transitioning to a more zero waste lifestyle, but I still find myself slipping back into old habits. Because I’m human – and we all buy things.

To me, minimalism should be however you define it for yourself. Because everyone’s definition of it is different. Buying isn’t the enemy. Consuming to a point that is not necessary, or unhealthy is. A few of the items below I would like to stop buying, but for now it’s convenient and convenience is hard to beat.

five things i could stop buying:

1 | body scrubs

I like to make my own products. Most of the time I do. I’ve tried some body scrub recipes, but I haven’t found/made any that compare to the Shea Moisture Olive & Green Tea Hand & Body Scrub. It’s my favorite and until I can make one better than this, I will continue to purchase it.

2 | makeup remover wipes

For a while, I switched to using Jojoba Oil instead of makeup remover wipes for my eye makeup. I do think that the oil was making my eyelashes grow, however, it was a hassle to use. I felt like it got in my eyes a lot and it felt so uncomfortable.

For  now, it’s super easy to grab some Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes or the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes to remove my eye makeup. Especially after a long day and I don’t feel like going through my full skincare routine.

3 | cotton pads/balls

I rarely use cotton balls, or cotton pads. But when I need some, it’s so easy to run to Target and grab a pack. I’m trying to use up all of the ones that I currently own and move onto DIY reusable cotton pads. It’s convenient to buy a pack of cotton balls to use when removing my nail polish instead of taking the time to wash reusable cotton pads.

4 | household cleaners

Cleaners are similar to cotton pads for me. It’s really convenient to go to my local TJ Maxx and purchase a pre-made natural cleaner. Instead of making my own DIY all purpose cleaner. I would like to get back to making all of my own products, but it is so time consuming.

5 | starbucks

I don’t drink coffee, nor do I like coffee. However, I buy Starbucks sometimes and lately, it’s been a lot. It’s super convenient to grab a frappuccino, or tea before heading to work. Instead of taking the time to get up earlier and make it myself.

One thing I’ve noticed is that convenience prohibits me (and I’m assuming you) from getting rid certain excess in my life. If take two weekends a month to make a few items instead of buying them, then that would save me money in the long run. So, I want to get back to making products because I enjoy it.

Like I said, you shouldn’t feel bad for making purchases. We all do it and it doesn’t make you any less of a minimalist for doing so.

what are some things you could stop buying?

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