Five Things I’m Doing More

Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts a lot. I first fell in love with podcasts when I started listening to Serial, a crime thriller. It was so good and it took me back to my favorite genre of books which are thrillers. However, since graduating from college (a year ago). I’ve been listening to a lot of self-help and career podcasts, as well as, reading the same type of genre of books. This has made me pay more attention to my habits and life (as a whole). I’ve realized that I’ve had some pretty bad habits like staying up past the point of exhaustion and working in bed.

“I think if you stop bad habits, and you stop long enough, you develop good habits. – Jordan Knight

Since I’ve become more aware of the bad habits that I’ve acquired I’ve been actively working on fixing them. Like working at my desk rather than sitting on my bed and creating an evening routine. Overall, there have been five things that I have been doing a lot lately and they are truly helping with my trajectory for change.

five things i’m doing more:

1 | journaling as a self-care practice

You’re probably sick of me talking about the 52 Lists For Happiness, but I truly love this book/journal. You write a list once a week about a prompt. It makes you dig deep and truly think about ways to spread more happiness in your life. A simple book like this is a great way to begin journaling, another way is to use a cute notebook. You can begin by doing something as simple as gratitude journaling. This type of journaling is when you write down three to five things you are thankful for each day. You can also use your journal as morning pages, which are a stream of consciousness writing that is usually done first thing in the morning.

I am currently taking part in the 100 day project. The basis of this project is to do a creative project every single day and post about it on Instagram. I chose to do journaling for 100 days, since I want to get back into journaling more. If you check my Instagram, you’ll notice that I haven’t posted an image of everything I’ve written each day, still I have been writing. It’s a lot harder than I imaged it would be, but I am enjoying it. I will have a post all about this project in a few months when it is completed.

2 | reading books that inspire me

There are a lot of genres of books that are currently on my reading list. But lately, the only books that I want to read are inspirational and helpful. What’s the point of reading something that adds no value to your life? I mean, I do enjoy the occasional fiction book, but for the most part give me a self-help book or I don’t want it. The book I am currently reading is on my sidebar and the books I plan to read next are #GIRLBOSS and Essentialism.

3 | face masks

I have definitely fallen in love with face masks of all kinds. I use a Nügg hydrating face mask and an exfoliating face mask every single week. Occasionally I have been trying a few new masks such as nail masks, eye masks, and the like. Once I get a good idea of how I feel about these I will write a post all about them.

Face masks are great to me because they are super hydrating and refreshing, which is great for your skin. You can also buy them in bulk and they help diminish the amount of products you need in your skincare routine. This all sounds like a win-win to me! Anything that makes my routines simpler is the best.

4 | keeping an organized workspace

When I’m working, I like to have my planner and multiple pens readily available to me. In case I need to make a note, or I want to check off a task. Something about checking off a task that is completed is so satisfying! I still need to find a desk chair that I love, but my plastic desk chair I’ve had for a while will do (for now). My desk is a simple white desk from Target and I love it. I also use cube organizers to hold my extra toiletries, tech stuff, artsy stuff, and stationary. Having your workspace organized makes you want to work more, but in a productive manner instead of feeling scatterbrained.

5 | time blocking

Lately, I have been time blocking a lot. In order to maximize my productivity and truly see success in everything I have to do each day. I work from home so it’s easy for me to be very unproductive and lazy. I could binge-watch YouTube videos for hours and never check the time.

So, I’ve been scheduling and planning out my day so I actually get tasks done and see results. I’ve been doing it a lot more lately and it’s very helpful.

All you need is a notebook, or planner to time block. However, if you want to decrease your paper usage there are a lot of digital planners that work well too. I would love to switch to all digital products, but technology can fail you – so I’m kind of apprehensive.

what are a few things you are doing more?

xx, tfr.


14 thoughts on “Five Things I’m Doing More

  1. Amanda | The Light Owl

    Time blocking is something I could really benefit from. I used to be really good about managing my time until I became a blogger. Now it’s way harder to balance everything!

    1. Felicia Renee

      I completely understand that! I went through that for a while too, but once I found my groove it becomes easier. It comes with a lot of trail & error.

  2. Leslie Soto

    I just found your blog through the Blog Passion Project group and I must say that I love it. It’s so refreshing and inspiring! These are all things I need to get better about doing. Journaling has been on my list of things to do lately. You’ve inspired me to jump into it!

  3. Kartik Kannan

    Same here. I am somehow pulling on despite the mess. I am like a bike that’s running with low fuel. I need to sort myself out 🙂

  4. Matt Hulland

    Some great ideas here. I definitely need a more organised workspace, I’m a mess!


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