Five Ways To Simplify Your Life

Learning to simplify your life is as easy as it sounds. Less clutter and more space is such a beautiful thing. When I began this blog, I wanted to share my love of minimalism with you. No one needs extra stress, or worries in their daily lives – we already have more than enough. My take on minimalism is different from other minimalists. Everyone’s journey to live a simple lifestyle is completely their own. I don’t want to get rid of everything I own. Instead I want to rid myself of the unnecessary things that I don’t need.

Below, I have created five ways to simply your life. Hopefully these will help you relieve yourself of stress and unneeded clutter.

five ways to simplify your life:

1 | declutter

I absolutely love decluttering whether it is my home, car, and digital space. If I can get of things that I do not want, or need it makes me feel so much better. You can begin by eliminating what you do not deem as essential in your life. Start with getting rid of unwanted emails. Then delete apps and social media accounts that you never use. Decluttering allows you to focus on what you enjoy in your life instead of allowing clutter to control you.

2 | evaluate your spending habits

One thing I am truly trying to be more aware of is how I spend my money. When I was about to graduate college, I started to pay more attention to where my money was going. Evaluating myself spending habits allowed me to save more money and stop wasting money on items I didn’t need. It’s so easy to spend money every single day, but when you want to focus on ways to simplify your life. Learning to stop spending so much is a great starting point.

3 | sell or donate items

Selling, or donating items is a great way to get rid of things that are not necessary. Sell or donate clothing, jewelry, anything that does not fit, or anything that you no longer like. This is also a great way to get rid of duplicates. I mean, do you really need five pairs of jeans when you only wear the same two pairs? If you truly think about it, you have a lot of extra items lying around that you do not necessarily need.

4 | practice slow living

One of the great things I have learned about simplifying my life is slowing down. Each day is a great day to learn how to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. You can begin getting into a relaxation mindset and taking care of yourself. Instead of trying so hard to rush through life it is always better to focus on the present moment. I’ve learned this tremendously while in college and it has helped be concentrate on what is truly important.

5 | make to-do lists

Most evenings, I make a to-do list of all the things I need to accomplish the next day. Making shorter to-do lists with about three items allows you to accomplish every single task, instead of overwhelming yourself. List making will allow you to stay organized and productive. Also, with today’s technology it is pretty simple to make a quick list on your phone at any point during the day and continue on with whatever you were doing.

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