Four Simple Ways To Boost Your Productivity

Lately, I’ve been trying to do it all and be productive. I quickly learned that I was contradicting myself and I needed to choose, which was important. Either doing everything and having results that weren’t up to par, or work on being productive and seeing results.

I chose to work on being productive by slowing down, assessing the situation, and focusing on achieving results. Productivity isn’t something that can be accomplished in a quick instant. Instead when you start making progress on small goals you will begin to achieve what you’re looking for. This month, one of my main goals is to increase my productivity and get ahead on blog writing. I will admit that some posts I’ve thrown them together last minute, but I’m trying to work on that by boosting my productivity in a simple manner.

Here are four simple ways to boost your productivity today. @thefeliciarenee

four simple ways to boost your productivity:

1 | stop multitasking instead take breaks

I am the queen of multitasking. I will listen to a podcast, begin writing a post, start an email, call someone, check Instagram, and so on. It is exhausting. One person should not be doing so many tasks at once and think that they are going to achieve the results they’re seeking. So, basically this point is for myself and anyone else that is like me.

I’ve been working very hard on keeping one, or two tabs open at a time and no more. Beyond that I also take breaks to check social media. Instead of doing what I was doing previously because it would take me forever to complete one task.

Studies have shown that the top reason people are very unproductive is because they are multitasking, shocker!

According to Forbes, 98% of people are bad at multitasking. For most of us, we’re not really multi-tasking – we’re actually shifting back and forth from one task to another.

I have definitely realized that I am apart of this 98% as much as I hate to admit that. But I’ve realized the issue and I’m working on it. Now, I’m taking more breaks. I’ll work on a blog post for about thirty minutes, then I’ll allow myself to take a five minute break to check Instagram. This way I won’t begin a post then stop in the middle of it to respond to a comment. Go back to the post and write a few more words before stopping to check Twitter. Taking breaks has become a much better system for me than switching between multiple tabs.

Here are four simple ways to boost your productivity today. @thefeliciarenee

2 | stop procrastinating instead limit distractions

One thing about being a self-proclaimed perfectionist is that I can be a big procrastinator. It’s so easy to procrastinate until the last minute. I think everyone has done it at least once in their life. It is due to the fact that I want to control everything and when I can’t do something perfect I stop doing it entirely, which is terrible.

I know I was up late way to many nights in college writing a paper last minute and being exhausted the next day. If I just did the work earlier instead of putting it off until the very last minute the result would be so much better. This goes with everything in life from writing a paper to getting gas when you’re on empty. You know that you’ll need gas when you have a quarter of a tank left, why don’t we just get it then? We may never know, or we can admit that we are procrastinating.

It is so much better to turn off the television and get your tasks completed. Instead of waiting until the last minute to do something because you’d rather focus on something that is more important. However, if you get all of the little stuff out of the way first you’ll have more time to focus on your bigger tasks, or vice versa.

3 | plan your day in advance and stick to the plan

I always make plans, but sometimes I stray from my plan. Since I’ve been using an editorial calendar for this blog it has made my life so much easier. It takes me about an hour to plan out three months worth of content. Then all I have to do is write the post that is supposed to go up next, edit it, then schedule it to go live. Simple as that, however, so many times I have written another post or changed the schedule. If I just relied on my calendar and stuck to my plan there would be no issue!

Once you have a calendar system you can rely on, you will be golden. I have a few calendar systems that I love and rely on a daily basis (now that I actually use them). Some people use a basic notebook, or a to-do list. Another great option is a paper (or digital) planner. When you plan your day in advance not only is it helpful for what lies ahead, but it also sets you up for success.

Here are four simple ways to boost your productivity today. @thefeliciarenee

4 | stop planning and start doing

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. – Walt Disney

I am such a planner. So much of one that I rarely pay attention to everything that I plan only so I can redo it all and plan some more. Does this even make sense? Not at all, but the more I’ve realized this it has made me stop planning and start doing. I’ve had to realize that this is an area where I like to control a situation and I’ve had to stop that and start doing something instead.

Just begin with anything, like making a long to-do list. Then write down the top three things you need to accomplish that day based on importance. Once you have completed those tasks you can work on more items on your to-do list. Since I have been doing this it has helped me tremendously with my productivity. Once you stop planning and start doing it will help you feel less overwhelmed with what needs to be accomplished. This way you will feel so much better and you’ll be amazed by how much you can complete when you’re productive.

what’s your top productivity tip?

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