Minimalist Gift Guide

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It’s the festive season once again and I’m ready for the new year! I’ve accomplished a lot of things personally this year and I’m happy where I am. I didn’t think I’d be where I am right now, but that’s okay.

I wanted this gift guide to go up last Friday, but I’ve been fighting a cold. I also decided to focus on my health instead of force an unfinished post.

Is there a minimalist in your life and you don't know what to buy them for Christmas? Well, this gift guide is for you! @thefeliciarenee

To be honest, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Christmas. I’m not sure why. I do enjoy the day, but I always felt like I was giving things just to get something instead of giving because I truly wanted too.

However, this year I wanted to take a different approach. I’m also the type of person that when I want something, I buy it. I don’t like to have others purchase things for me. Therefore, I wanted to only ask for things I truly need and only give if I want too. Instead of giving just because I should.

When creating this gift guide I thought about things that I would love to receive. Things that are given to me because I need them, or would like to have them. Not things given just to consume with no purpose other than it’s Christmas so we must buy, buy, buy.

*Keep this in mind when you’re giving this year, but also if you’re buying something for someone that is simple. Don’t give just to consume, give things that they need and things that can be used.

Is there a minimalist in your life and you don't know what to buy them for Christmas? Well, this gift guide is for you! @thefeliciarenee

gift ideas for the minimalist in your life:

1 | skin/body care

I love some good body care. Especially body scrubs, body lotions, and hand creams. One product that I’ve begun to love even more is the Harry’s razors shave kit. If you want to hear my complete review of Harry’s check out my September favorites post. Spoiler: I love them!

Also, my friends over at Harry’s gave me a code for y’all to use! Click here to receive a trial offer where you can get a Truman razor, foaming shave gel, and travel blade cover for less than $5! Y’all this is an amazing deal because it’s a $13 value! You won’t regret it! So try it out and let me know what you love about it!

2 | a good book

Reading a good book is a great way to end the day, unwind during a long plane ride, or just enjoy when it’s cold outside. A few of my favorites this year have been When Breathe Becomes Air, Wellth: How I Learned to Build a Life Not a Resume, and Simple Matters.

3 | leather tech gloves

I bought myself these faux leather tech gloves in black last Christmas from Target. It was literally the best purchase I made. I was traveling almost every day and it was so cold. The flannel material inside of the gloves and the ability to text and navigate myself everywhere was perfect. Plus, let’s be honest – we’re all constantly on our phones (even when it’s cold out).

4 | gift exception certificate

This is perfect for the person that is adamant about not wanting anything at all. Create a gift exception ticket, put it into a card, and give it to them to use whenever there is something they don’t wanna do – you’ll do it for them. Such as washing their car, cleaning the house, or cooking them dinner.

5 | a candle

This is perfect for the person that is not into essential oils. Me, personally, I love both. Candles are a perfect decoration for anyone’s household. Plus, they smell great!

6 | their favorite sweet treat

During the holidays it is notorious for sweet treats to be around. So why not make them their favorite cookies, or give them a big bag of candy that they love. Because yes, you need to take care of your health, but we all need a little sweet treat too.

7 | donate to a charity

There has been so much going on in the world lately. One great way to take part in helping others is by donating to a charity in their name. You can give them a gift card for charity donations that they are able to use it towards whatever charity they are passionate about.

8 | cozy socks

I mean, need I say more? Especially, if you live in a colder climate, or just want to put on comfy clothes after work.

9 | gift card

Need I say more, again? This is literally the perfect gift for anyone. Let them decide what to buy. It’s not a cop out to give someone a gift card especially if you give them one for a grocery store, or a place where they like to buy their clothes. Because when they decide to spend money on something they need they have a gift card to use.

10 | a cozy blanket

I love blankets. I have way too many and no, it is not one place where I ever think I will minimize. Because you can’t have too many! They’re perfect for your couch, bed, to let guests use, or for a plane ride.

11 | essential oils

Essential oils are my favorite. You can use them to diffuse so many different scents that will clear your sinuses, help you sleep better, and so much more. A few essential oils for a simple person is a great gift.

what would you give to the minimalist in your life?

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