How My View On Minimalism Has Changed

So much as happened in my life over the past few months and I’ve used that as an excuse to put off writing a new post. But the entire time – all I could think about was blogging. I’ve wanted to share what has been going on and all of the new things I’ve learned.

In true introvert fashion, I needed to get away. I knew that I was burnt out and I needed to recharge and get clear on everything in my life. I’m writing this post while on a solo road trip. And I’ve learned a lot while being away for a few days.

All of this reflection has not only made me want to get honest about every part of my life, but it also made me want to reevaluate what I think about minimalism.

I’ve decided to let go of all of the expectations and pressure that I put on myself. Sometimes we can feel like it’s society that is telling us that we need to know exactly what we want to do with our life when we’re 18. We’re expected to be married by 25, have a house, kids, and no debt by 30. But that is not only not realistic, but it is also not everyone’s path.

Living in the south is also hard at times because everyone around me seems to be on the same path. But since I’ve realized that mine is different and the constant questioning from others has made me feel like I’m not progressing in certain areas like I should. But that’s not true at all! Because every single person’s path is different. If we all had the same life then it would be boring.

So, this brings me back to my mindset around minimalism. I’ve been practicing minimalism for over two years now and my idea of minimalism has changed and evolved a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the idea of minimalism. But in practice, we all need to define it for ourselves. Minimalism should be about loving everything you own and only keeping things in your midst that bring value to your life. But sometimes you can get wrapped up in it and it becomes a way to just get rid of everything for no particular reason.

I know that I’ve been through periods of decluttering, buying new things, downsizing, replacing things, being content with what I have then going through the entire cycle again. So I had to be honest with myself about how I feel about minimalism, living simple, and intentionality.


1 | I HAD TO FIGURE OUT WHAT WAS IMPORTANT TO ME. // I’ve realized that I’m more interested in the idea of living my life with intention than minimalism. I still ascribe to the minimalist idea and I will still post about it. However, living a life with intention is more important than living a minimalistic lifestyle. Because if you are living minimally the way you deem to be right then you are living it intentionally. I still like the idea of minimalism and I still call myself one. But I feel like minimalism can make you feel like buying something or living your life a different way than the “true minimalist ideal” isn’t right. So, I’ve decided to let go of that pressure and just do what’s right for me.

2 | LIVING YOUR LIFE WITH INTENTION IS MORE IMPORTANT. //I first began learning more about intentionality when I started learning more about minimalism. At the time, I was listening to Jess Lively’s podcast:Â The Lively Show.Jess discusses being intentional a lot in her podcast. She uses it to describe ways to follow your heart, figure out what you want out of life, and pursue that. I love that. It’s amazing when you feel like your life has meaning. And you know everything you’re doing is purposeful instead of just going through the motions of life.

3 | I’VE DECIDED TO STOP RUSHING LIFE AND ENJOY THE PROCESS. // God has you where you are for a reason and I truly believe this. When I think back to when I was younger, all of my life I was rushing to get to the next stage. In middle school, I couldn’t wait until I was in high school. In high school, I couldn’t wait until I could drive. Once I could drive, I couldn’t wait to be in college. In college, I couldn’t wait until I could graduate. Once I graduated, I couldn’t wait until I could buy a house and so on.

It wasn’t until this trip that I decided to let go of all of the rushing I’m doing. To truly slow down, enjoy the moment and the process of life. No matter where I am in life, time will pass. So I might as well accomplish what I want and look at the beauty around me.

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