How To Be More Productive

Productivity is the key to simplifying your life and staying organized. Learning to be more productive is something that we all can do more of in our lives. Some days you feel uninspired and you don’t want to do anything at all. Then you realize that you’re stressed and you have so much to do. When I feel like this I use these tactics to get my productive juices flowing.

how to be more productive:

use a calendar or planner

I have a planner that I use specifically for this blog. It allows me to stay organized, productive, and efficient. In order to stay consistent with my blog posts having a calendar truly boosts my productivity. Calendars are meant to keep you organized and on task without feeling overwhelmed. When you look at your calendar, if it makes you feel very overwhelmed then you need another system. Try using a small daily to-do list pad to break down your list into smaller tasks.

take breaks

I used to go from task to task without taking a break and I almost always felt very burned out. It is so hard to stay productive when your mind isn’t clear and you cannot focus. Some productivity mavens use the pomodoro method in order to improve their own productivity.

Taking breaks will also allow you to track your progress. You could use the pomodoro method, or create your own. You could make a schedule for how long each task should take and try to stick to that schedule. Just make sure that you do not stress out if you go over your allotted time. The most important thing is that you allow yourself to relax and focus on being able to accomplish things more efficiently.

prioritize your tasks

I cannot reiterate how important making lists are since they pretty much rule everything I do. I usually make two lists. One for the most important tasks and the other for secondary tasks that I need to complete. By having two lists I am able to focus on my most important tasks before moving onto my secondary tasks. The goal is to accomplish all of the tasks, but based on importance.

get rid of distractions

I know that my cell phone is probably my greatest distraction. Do you feel more productive when your phone is right next to you?  I would be surprised if your answer is no. When I was in college, I was not able to get anything done because my phone was right next to me. I wasn’t able to focus and become productive until I started turning off my phone, or putting it in another room. I was always responding to messages, or “getting bored” and checking social media.

Another trick I do when I want to be very productive is turn on the do not disturb button on my MacBook. It always me to focus on the task at hand while I’m on my laptop instead of focusing on notifications that pop up while I am working.