How To Create A Weekend Routine

When the weekend rolls around most people use this time to relax from their crazy week. But it is also a great time to recharge for the week ahead. I do this, but I also take full advantage of my weekend. I’m not the type of person that lives for the weekend because there are five other days in a week that we can do so much. I use my weekend to get caught up on tv shows, have some me time, clean, meal prep, and much more.

I am also a big lover and advocate of routines. Having a weekend routine has helped me become a very structured and happy person. Since I have been practicing this routine, I have had very productive weeks. Also, if you are anything like me, and you like structure. Then you’ll enjoy creating a weekend routine. So, lets stop the glorification of busy and starting adding structure to our lives!

how to create a weekend routine:

1 |  Consider and write down all of things that you wish you could do during the week, but you lack time to complete them. You lack this time due to work, or other responsibilities.

2 | Make a plan to tackle all of these projects during either Saturday, or Sunday. And make sure that you make yourself complete them each week. This could be taking time out to paint more, read more, sleep in, or plan your week ahead.

Once you start making yourself get into a very strategic routine to take better care of yourself (and your life) you’ll notice a huge difference in your productivity.

It used to be so hard for me to sit down and write three to five blog posts at once. So, I decided to make blog post writing as apart of my weekend routine. I now enjoy sitting down every Saturday and Sunday night and writing one or two blog posts on topics that I love, but will also help you!

3 |  Take full advantage of your weekend and do things that you enjoy. Do things that will help your upcoming week go smoother and better. The point of life is to live and enjoy it, not to be stressed every single day because you forgot something.

here is my weekend routine:

  • redo my nails
  • run errands
  • catch up on tv shows
  • read & write
  • clean my entire place
  • fill out my planner for the upcoming week
  • hangout with friends
  • relax

It may seem like my entire weekend is full of errands and chores, but I am actually able to do all of this on Friday evening and Saturday morning. I leave Sunday to just relax, or get caught up on tv shows that I enjoy watching. I only have about five, or six in a rotation at one time. Since I’ve been trying to limit  my television consumption by not watching tv every single day. Instead I leave it for the weekend. I also enjoy listening to a lot of podcasts.

Basically, you want your weekend routine to not feel miserable, or like something you have to do.  Instead it should consist of extra things that you want to do, but normally don’t have much time to do them. You should enjoy your weekend! That’s what weekends are for: to be enjoyed and to relax without thinking about work, or your never ending to-do list.

xx, tfr.