How To Plan Your Day For Success

Learning how to plan your day for success takes a little bit of time, but it is possible. If you’ve ever had one of those days where you feel very overwhelmed, and you cannot seem to get your mind to focus. And you have so many tasks to complete, but you feel burned out. You also don’t want anything to do with the work that you need to accomplish. If you haven’t, then I need your life because at times I have felt this way. But once I took a step back and concentrated. I was able to focus on the task at hand in order to plan my day for success.

I no longer feel stressed or overwhelmed when I have to write six blog posts in one day. Now, I feel like I’m forming a great routine and love having consistency. It is great when you have a plan and a way to conquer each day for success. You feel great and accomplished and you no longer feel like you have a lot of stressors in your life.

how to plan your day for success:

realize the problem

Think about why you are not being as successful in your job, or project you are working on. Are you tired? Overwhelmed? Burned out? Are you overcommitting? If you feel like your having problems concentrating, or getting particular tasks completed then that is your problem.

My problem when trying to refocus the direction for my blog was trying to accomplish every task in a short period of time. It was very unrealistic. It was hard for me to do every single thing myself. Especially if I wasn’t prioritizing effectively, or automating and outsourcing tasks that would be beneficial for me. Once you realize what your problem is you will be able to stop procrastinating, feeling burned out, and you can organize your life more effectively.

create a plan

Look at an overview of your tasks and make a plan over a span of time for how long it will take for them to be completed. Have a plan to tackle everything that you need to accomplish and use organizational tools to help you do so.

use a planner, or notebook

I use both. I use my paper planner because I like to write things down. But I also put it on my iCal, which syncs to my iPhone. So, if I’m out at an appointment and I need to make a follow-up. I will know exactly what my schedule looks like without lugging around a big planner.

use apps

I take advantage of the Notes and Reminders apps on my iPhone. I use these to set reminders to post on Instagram, or little to-dos and items that I need to accomplish on a daily basis. These apps also sync to my computer, which is very helpful.

plan each day, week, and month

Create a plan that will allow you to plan out each day, week, and month. For instance, I use to-do lists all day long that will help structure my days. I have a list of tasks that I need to complete to structure my week and get a lot of things done. I also use a wall calendar in order to plan out my editorial calendar for the rest of the year. It is a rough sketch, in case something else comes up. But nevertheless, it allows me to have a plan for what blog posts I need to write and have prepared for particular days during the month.

learn to automate and outsource

I use different automation tools in order for me to not feel overwhelmed and to focus on one task at a time. This allows me to focus when I’m at work. But also, it enables me to take breaks when working on my blog. It allows me to not feel like I constantly have to do everything and be very busy.


Figure out what you need to complete in order to stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed. The best way I have done this is to make a to-do list then batch my tasks and time block during my most productive times.

batch tasks

Let’s say you have about four tasks to complete, but two of them are similar. Batch these tasks so that way you can get them done first. These tasks will be completed in an efficient manner, then you can move onto your other tasks. This way you will stop switching between tasks and you will notice your productivity rising rapidly. Also, have a batch day where you have a designated day for organizing your email, having meetings, or planning your week.

time block

Block off times during each day where you will work on particular tasks. This also coincides with batching your tasks, because you could block off three hours each day for email and phone calls. Then move onto the next topic, it will make your life so much easier!

figure out your most productive times

Work during the time of day when you are most productive. If you’re the most productive in the morning then use this time to work on your time-sensitive and harder tasks. This will allow you to leave your easier tasks for times when you are not as productive, like in the evening.

create a structure

Add structure to your days in order for you to be able to achieve success for the day. When you have a daily organizational structure, you will be able to accomplish so much in a great way.


Use your calendar and make a plan to organize and attack your day ahead. You could use your paper or digital calendar to schedule a day that you want to plan your week ahead. This day will allow you to write out all of the tasks that you need to accomplish during the following week. You can organize your tasks based on priority and when you have availability. Hopefully, you will be able to see what you need to get done for the day, or week ahead.

clean up your workspace

When you have a messy workspace it is so hard to concentrate and complete tasks. I know that I am not able to focus, or get everything done for the day when my workspace, or room is a mess. I work from home, so I need to be able to think clearly and have a clean space that makes me feel refreshed and ready to work.

choose a start date

Have a day during the week when your week begins and you want to start working on your weekly tasks. My day is Sunday. I use Saturdays as my day to wind down, clean, practice some self-care, and refresh. Then I start Sunday with planning my upcoming week and doing a little bit of brainstorming. Some people like their week to begin on Mondays, but I like Sundays. This way I don’t have a negative feeling when Monday rolls around. And I usually can take Sundays easy, but still get some important work done.

give yourself deadlines

I definitely have to give myself deadlines because I have so many tasks to complete. By giving yourself deadlines you become more accountable to yourself to complete your tasks. Unlike my job, this blog is ran only by me. So, I don’t have to be accountable to anyone. However, if I want my blog to grow and I want to make more of income from it. I have to set aside time to work on my blog, so it will become very successful. I enjoy blogging, and I want to put out quality content for my readers.

If you give yourself deadlines then you will be able to see what you need to get done each day, week, and month. You will also know how long you have to complete each tasks. And it makes you more accountable to get things done, while being able to complete tasks that are priority first.

achieve success

These quick tips that I have added above should help you ultimately achieve success and get things done! I use all of these tips basically every single day. They help me organize, prioritize, and structure my life in a way that allows me to reduce as much stress as possible. I am able to breathe, take breaks, and reflect on what I have done. I am also able to look over what I have not done as well and what I could do differently.

If you want to achieve success each day then you need to have plan and some sort of structure. You need a way that makes you happy and allows you to conquer each and every day no matter what life throws at you.

xx, tfr.

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4 years ago

One of the things I’ve recently discovered that has made the biggest difference for me is to give myself time to rest. In the evenings after work I EITHER tackle my to-do list OR I relax. I never try to multitask by answering emails while watching TV or anything like this, and I never worry about my to-do list when I’m relaxing. Compartmentalising things like this means that when I relax I get several hours in a row to decompress, and it gives my brain a chance to properly recover, meaning I’m much more productive the next evening when I’m “on”.

Felicia Renee
4 years ago
Reply to  Nicola

That’s great, Nicola! I think I’ll take a tip from you to either do something, or just relax overall more.

Tony W
4 years ago

Your suggestions to prioritize, plan each day, week and month works well for me. I also do not have a problem saying no to task to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Felicia Renee
4 years ago
Reply to  Tony W

That’s great!