How To Read More

I have always enjoyed reading. However, college made me stop reading for pleasure. Since I studied Political Science, I would read a couple hundred pages a night. It was very tiring and it made me not want to read for enjoyment. Now that I have graduated I am making a conscious effort to simplify my life, increase my productivity, and slow down.

Here are a few strategies that I use when I want to read more, whether it is books, articles, or magazines.

how to read more:

schedule time to read

Every week, I choose one or two books that I want to complete that week. I read every night as apart of my daily night routine. So, about thirty minutes before I fall asleep, I read one or two chapters from my chosen book. Every morning, I try to read a few articles that I would like to share on my social media platforms. I also read extra articles and comment on them. In order to make yourself read more, schedule time every single day for you to read. Eventually, you will no longer feel like you are making time to read, but you are reading because you enjoy it.

take a book with you everywhere you go

When I studied abroad in China, I read a lot of books. I assumed I would not have time to do so, but I was wrong. The amount of time that I spent on the subway was a couple of hours every single day. I have a Barnes & Noble Nook, so I downloaded the Nook app on my iPhone. I would read a few chapters while I waited to go from one stop to another. It was a great way to get caught up on books. Also, I had something to occupy my time while I was on the subway and without wi-fi.

It is very easy to take books with you wherever you go these days. Especially if you enjoy audiobooks, you can get a subscription to Audible. This free trial allows you to receive two free books along with thirty days free! You can put these books directly on your cell phone. You can listen to them while you drive to work, or take a walk.

read more than watching television

So many people watch television without thinking about it. Consider trading in reading a book for every hour that you spend watching television. You will realize that the more you read instead of watching television you will enjoy it. You will also notice a huge difference in your life. I think that reading adds value to your life, unlike most television shows. I love reading self-help books and articles on decor. If I am able to simplify my life, or my surroundings by reading a book that has something I can gain from it. I begin to feel so much better.

if you don’t like it, stop reading it

One thing I have learned over the years is that if I do not enjoy reading a book, I will not make myself finish it. This is the easiest way to make yourself hate reading. If you feel like you have to finish a book that you began reading, but you hate it. Instead of actually reading something that you enjoy. You may stop reading all together. The key is to find books that you enjoy reading. Such as, if you do not like thrillers then you should not make yourself read them. Get your hands on as many books that you enjoy as possible whether they are fairy tales, or self-help books. You will learn to enjoy reading by reading books, or articles that interest you.

find your favorite medium

If you enjoy reading on your computer more than reading a physical book then make a conscious effort to do so. Sometimes I like to read a physical book, but other times I enjoy reading from my Nook. I can check out books from the library for two weeks on my Nook. It is really nice to be able to rent books from the library on my Nook, instead of purchasing them. It allows me to save money and relieve myself of paper clutter. Although, at times I do buy books that I want to read, but usually they will also serve as cute coffee table books.

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