How To Slow Down & Enjoy Life

At times, we are all so busy rushing through life that we are unable to truly appreciate it. So many people text and drive, or speed while trying to get to their destination. Some days you wake up late, and some days you do not feel like doing anything at all. I get it. Still, we all need to take some time to stop, look around, slow down and enjoy life. One thing I have learned as I have begun living a simpler life is to enjoy life, take chances, and slow down.

Practicing slow living is very enjoyable and it makes you appreciate your surroundings so much more.

how to slow down & enjoy life:

while driving

Stop driving fast and reckless by learning to be cautious. Go the speed limit and watch out for others. Stop listening to music every single time you are in your car. Listen to a podcast, or nothing at all. Roll your windows down and let the fresh air hit you in the face while relishing in the moment. Stop looking at driving as a means to get from point A to point B. Instead see it as a way to enjoy the beautiful city you live in and take notice of places you may have never noticed before.

while waking

Wake up earlier and get more out of your day. You will realize how many tasks you can complete just by waking up earlier. Create a morning routine and stick to it. Begin journaling and reflect on the day ahead and what you accomplished the day before.

while walking

Take walks and enjoy nature. Make a habit to hike more and learn how to take great photographs. Enjoy the outdoors and breathe in fresh air. I will admit, that I am not one that enjoys the summer heat. However, during the spring and fall, you will always find me outdoors, or with my windows open letting the fresh air in.

while traveling

Take pleasure in traveling. Go to the next town over from where you live that is only one-hour away that you’ve never visited before. Try all of the local eateries in your city, and discover new thrift and vintage shops. Get more out of the place you are from, or the place you may have just moved too. There is so much to discover in the area that we live in. We do not always have to venture to a nearby state, or another country. Although, I will admit, I do love to travel. Still, I enjoy being able to thrive in my surroundings that is apart of the vast land and beautiful creation that God has made.

while reading

If you have never read the book, The Art of Doing Nothingyou are truly missing out. Once you are done reading this post I encourage you to go to the nearest library, or bookstore and get this book! It teaches you how to slow down and literally do nothing. I have read this book a few times and each time I read it – it transforms something within me. It makes me want to relax, slow down, and embrace simple living in my life and in my surroundings.

while decluttering

Get rid of things in your life that do not bring you joy and are only bringing chaos into your midst. Declutter all of your living spaces until you feel refreshed and you are able to slow down and relax.

while relaxing

Begin practicing something that allows you to relax whether it is reading a book on your back porch, or listening to a podcast. I love to take photographs and create graphics. Anything that is really creative allows me to destress and relax when I am beginning to feel overwhelmed.

Begin to practice the art of slow living. By doing so, you will notice so many changes in your surroundings and you will relish in a sense of relaxation. I believe in the art of learning to slow down. Living a life that is enjoyable to you is possible as long as you stop, slow down, and learn to appreciate the life that God has given you.


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  1. Adriana

    I LOVE this so much! It’s so important to stop and smell the roses – enjoy every moment, every day – couldn’t agree more!


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