How To Stay Inspired

Learning new ways to find inspiration is something that we all can want more of. I am constantly finding new ways that keep me inspired. I always want to find the easiest practices that fuel my productivity and creativity. Still, there are some days when it is hard for me to stay inspired. I feel like I cannot be productive, or motivated to complete various creative tasks. I have learned to overcome these obstacles if I want to stay inspired.

Here are a few things I have tried and hopefully they will help inspire you to work on living a better, more creative life!

how to stay inspired:

take time out for yourself

A great way to inspire yourself to stay productive is to practice self-care. By practicing self-care you are taking time out for yourself to relax and appreciate all of the hard work you have accomplished. You cannot neglect yourself. By doing so, you are not allowing yourself to perform to your fullest potential. I know that if I did not take time out for myself to relax, or read a book. I would not be able to focus enough to write quality content for you.


I have created a workout plan in order to keep myself inspired to stay healthy. In the midst of our busy lives it can be hard to make yourself exercise. Especially after you have worked all day and ran errands. Still, it is important to to care of yourself by exercising. Not only is exercise good for you, but also it helps to destress you. This will ultimately help you stay inspired to complete all of the other tasks that you have to complete during the day. I know that I perform best during the day when I exercise in the morning, but at times it is very hard to get out of my comfortable bed.

Also, if you are like me and dread exercise then you have to find an exercise routine that you enjoy. I like to do yoga and the thought of doing yoga makes me more eager to work out. For instance, if you hate running. You will be less apt to wake up at 6 am every morning to go running. Therefore, don’t force yourself into an exercise routine that you hate because you’ll use any excuse not to continue it.

learn something new

I believe that learning is a great way to stay inspired. Whether you are teaching yourself how to use a product that you purchased years ago and still own, or you begin a new hobby that you love. I love to teach myself how to do something new. I am a very creative person, so designing anything is very fun to me. Last year, I was interested in painting, so I taught myself how to paint. Now, I want to learn how to get more use of my Nikon.

I have always loved photography since I was in high school, however, I mainly know the basics. So, I want to take this summer to teach myself all of the ins and outs of how to use my camera in order to use it to it’s fullest potential. There are so many ways to learn new things especially with so many websites out there like Pinterest and YouTube. Both of which are great free resources that will show you videos, or articles to help you learn more about a subject you are interested in.

write down three priority tasks

Every night when I write out my to-do list for the next day. I try to write down three main tasks that I want to accomplish that day above all of the other items on my to-do list. As you do this you will realize that your to-do list will begin to shrink and you will notice your productivity rising. You could choose three tasks that you know will take you a very long time to complete. Once your huge tasks are completed then you can move onto your remedial tasks. This way you will no longer have to worry about completing the longer, or more important tasks.

begin journaling

I have come to love journaling. As a kid, I had a lot of different diaries but I would only write in them for maybe a week and would lose them. Now that I am older, I love to reflect on my day, or week. It is refreshing to get all of my ideas and thoughts on paper. Journaling helps me to stay inspired and it makes me want to do more. It also relaxes me and clears my mind from wandering and thinking of other things I need to be doing. I like to take out time as much as possible to write a few pages in my journal, whether it is ramblings or a great list of activities to complete.


I have dealt with issues of insomnia while in college and it was absolutely horrible. Lately, I have realized how important rest is for me to stay inspired. When you are tired and unable to function properly during the workday it is very hard to want to complete tasks. Especially if you are at work, needing to study, or have planned other things that you need to complete. Getting enough sleep is crucial to you being a productive and inspired individual.

Studies recommend that adults should get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Getting enough sleep each night may seem impossible, but remember it is crucial to helping you be a more inspired and productive individual! On days when I am unable to get the necessary amount of sleep that night, I take a nap when I can. I also know that unless you are like me and work from home, you may be unable to do this. Making sleep a priority allows you to stay refreshed and ready to conquer whatever task is set in front of you. It also helps with whatever you have planned for the day ahead.

get organized

Getting organized has helped me to stay inspired. It is very hard for me to stay inspired when I have a lot of chaos going on around me. Especially in my room, which is also where my workspace resides. Many days when I have books lying everywhere, or clothing (after not knowing what to wear that day) it makes me feel unneeded stress. After I organize everything I have in my room and I plan out my day. I am able to accomplish various tasks and I am ready to conquer the day ahead!

xx, tfr.