In a Rut? Here are 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

I’ve decided to not “hit the ground running” this year and take it slow. With all of the “new year, new me” talk. Sometimes it can feel like we are pressuring ourselves to do so much at once. Instead of taking a step back, looking at our lives, and seeing what goals we can set that will be realistic and easy to accomplish in one year. I’d love to save $10,000-$15,000 each year, drink 64 oz of water every day, get up at 6 am to work out, etc. But let’s be real, not all of those goals are realistic or attainable.

But if we try to do little things like taking steps to simplify out lives. We can feel so much more productive and accomplished when Dec. 31st rolls around. I know, I feel this way. Let’s be real, life can be messy sometimes. We aren’t going to eat healthy every single day, or make it every exercise class we want to go to. Still, having tendencies to simplify and re-structure how we do things can be helpful.

here are five ways to simplify your life:

1 | have a calendar system you can rely on

Most people prefer the Google calendar, but for me I love the Mac Calendar. It’s simple and syncs up with all of my devices. I’m an Apple girl, so if you’re not – then maybe Google calendar will work best for you. Regardless, having bill reminders, appointments, events, and such in one place is so helpful! It is also where I hold my editorial calendar and so far I’m doing great with publishing a post once a week. I’ve seen a lot of hype around the bullet journal, but I just don’t know if it’s for me. Plus, I’m trying to limit my paper clutter and decrease my usage. You want your calendar to be something that you can take with you and it is easy to update then going digital is perfect.

2 | declutter your space

I declutter my space, a lot. I do this because I feel like everything should have a home and if I don’t plan on using something, or want it anymore then why should I keep it around taking up space and being in the way? If you read my last post, you’d know that I live in a tiny apartment. So things like my crockpot, shredder, and printer although they are big I keep them around because I will use them. Since I have started to cook more and I work from home a lot.

I’m the type of person where if I don’t have a clean working space, or organizational system it will stress me out. So doing a quick tidy before I go to bed, or taking a Sunday night to plan my meals for the week makes all the difference. Decluttering doesn’t have to be getting rid of everything in your cabinets. It can be simplified, like putting things back where they belong instead of letting things pile up.

3 | use an app on your phone and computer

I use the notes and reminders app on my phone and computer all day long. I love that they automatically sync up and I’m able to have different lists. I have a running list for groceries since I am grocery shopping only once a month (post about this coming soon). I have running list for toiletries, and other things “to buy” that don’t fit into any other category.

I love this because if I think about something and I need to pick up, or I run out of body soap. I can just add it to one of my lists and deal with it later.

However, if you don’t have a iPhone and/or MacBook there are alternative apps that do the same thing. Even sending an email or text to yourself works just as well until you can get to your designated notebook, or computer at home.

4 | simplify your to-do list

I used to be the person that would put 10-15 unrealistic tasks on my to-do list. So instead I use the reminders app and I have a list called “TO DO”. I have simple things on it that I need to do like get a new battery for my spare car key, call and re-schedule my doctor’s appointment, etc.

I try to add simple tasks that don’t take up too much time and that I can do quickly. Instead of writing every blog related, life related, or work related task that will take weeks to complete. It can all be very overwhelming

I usually reassess my to-do list every weekend and figure out what I can do quickly instead of having a long list that I feel like I can’t complete. Even focusing on the top three most important tasks to complete works.

5 | stop procrastinating

Sometimes I can be the Procrastination Queen. Especially when there are things that I “want to do”, but won’t buckle down and do it. A prime example is my closet. It’s small, but there is so much vertical space that I didn’t take advantage of. So, one day after staring at my closet for about 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do. I decided to stop thinking and act. I started moving things around, made a list of a few tings to pick up from the store, and it made a huge difference when it was finished.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of action. Because we’ve all procrastinated and if you haven’t, what’s your secret? I’ve come to realize that by simplifying my life I have procrastinated less. Because when I focus on what’s important I no longer feel stressed, or overwhelmed – which is a great feeling.

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1 year ago

Decluttering is such a fab way to keep motivated and inspired xx

Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

Felicia Renee
1 year ago
Reply to  GemmaEtc.

I agree!

Heather Rowland
Heather Rowland
1 year ago

This advice is brilliant. I know for me, having a clean and tidy space makes a huge difference for helping me to focus on my work. I use both a bullet journal and a calendar on my phone to keep track of everything and I would 100% giving bullet journalling a go – it’s loads of fun and a great way to relax and get creative too!

Heather xoxo

Felicia Renee
1 year ago

I think I may have to try it!

Livie Rose
Livie Rose
1 year ago

A calendar that works personally is SO important. I’m a paper monster, but I *think* I am starting to get a system in place. I’m using a modified bullet journal utilizing the Staples Arc system with dot paper and bullet journal setups plus Evernote on my phone and computer (I’d resisted Evernote, but suddenly for some reason decided to try it, and I LOVE it!). Plus my phone and Outlook calendars for events and reminders (I need like a million for each thing).

Felicia Renee
1 year ago
Reply to  Livie Rose

I’m so intrigued by the bullet journal that I’m thinking about trying it. I haven’t heard of the staples arc system, I’ll have to look that up!

Helen @ Hel On Heels

Decluttering your space is so huge! I’m focusing on that this weekend. My spaces have gotten a little out of control because I don’t make them a priority!

Felicia Renee
1 year ago

It can happen so easily, just do a little at a time!

Summer @ Coffee With Summer

Stop procrastinating. Preach it!! When I’m in a rut, it’s usually because I’m putting things off that I shouldn’t be. Pretty sure I need to print out a sign for my office that says, “Stop procrastinating!” haha

Felicia Renee
1 year ago

Haha right!

1 year ago

These are great tips. I use google calendar (on my iPhone and computer) and it really helps me stay on track. I need to get better at reducing clutter, because I do feel better if in a less cluttered environment.

Felicia Renee
1 year ago

Same, I’ve been going digital completely and now I need more space, but I love it!

Rebekah Joan
1 year ago

I use my calendar and Evernote on my phone, and I declutter my space every. single. day. These tips are great for me! I’m just getting into trying to live more intentionally by cutting the distractions out of my life. Thank you! <3

Felicia Renee
1 year ago
Reply to  Rebekah Joan

I’m glad this post resonated with you!