Making Self-Care A Daily Practice

Lately, I’ve learned that self-care doesn’t have to be dedicated to Self-Care Sundays. Instead it can be a daily practice that we all can take part in. I love self-care. I used to have a day dedicated to doing my nails, hair, and laundry. But to be honest, I wasn’t consistent with this self-care routine. When I decided to look at self-care differently I was able to do something special to unwind, relax, and take care of my own wellbeing every day instead of thinking that I could only do so on Sundays. Self-care is important and it is about doing something that is just for you.

five ways to make self-care a daily practice:

| curate a morning or evening routine

I’ve been pretty consistent with curating the perfect evening routine for me lately. It begins by listening to a podcast, doing my skincare routine, preparing for bed, and reading a book. So far it’s really good for me. It helps me do something that’s just for me by taking care of my skin and making progress on my summer reading list.

My mornings are a different story. I’d love to be the type of person that gets up at 6am to go for a run, but I’ve learned that’s just not me. I’d rather sleep until 8 or 9am and start my morning slow before getting into work.

Curating routines that work for you help you be more productive during the work day, but they’re also great to help you have a great night’s sleep.

| use face masks

Are you surprised that I added this? Probably not, I mean I am obsessed with face masks. Even as a minimalist I have a stash of them that I truly enjoy trying. They are so hydrating, nourishing, and relaxing. A lightweight face mask like this Nugg Hydrating Mask can be used in the morning, like I do as apart of my skincare routine.

Another great way to unwind is to use a sheet mask. Some of my favorites are the Kocostar Deep Hydration Mask and any 100% Pure masks, along with a few below. Face masks are great for your skin and something that you can do for ten minutes to take a break and relax. 

| consume inspiring content


You can see what I am currently reading by looking at my sidebar on the right. I’m also working my way through my summer reading list and I’d love to know what you’re reading as well. I have a lot of books on my to-read list, but I’m dying to add more. You can never read or learn too much. Start by reading an inspiring, or inspirational book (or blog post) that will be uplifting and helpful.


Podcasts are definitely one of my most favorite ways to practice self-care on a daily basis. I’ve written two posts about them (here and here) and I plan to write a third. There are so many to listen to from story-telling to wellness to creativity. There is literally a podcast for everything! They’re a great way to not only unwind, but learn about a subject that you’re interested in.


Like one’s on minimalism and simplicity, or videos that will teach you how to master that cat eye. Use content as a way to stay inspired instead of wasting your time on trash tv. We’ve all done it. I do it a lot at times. I mean, I can’t stop watching some of the housewives shows as much as I try too!

| journal

I’ve taken part in the 100 days project, which has really made me fall back in love with journaling. When the project ends I’ll write an entire post all about it – so I don’t want to give too much way. Let’s just say journaling as a self-care practice every single day is life-changing.

Other than using a simple cute notebook to journal every day. I also write in the 52 Lists For Happiness every single Saturday. It makes you look closer at your life and figure out how you can add more happiness to it each and every day! 

| create a wellness routine

Curate a wellness routine that works best for you! Whether that is running, meditating, or doing yoga. Exercise used to be an important part of my daily routine. In college, I went through spurts of exercising six days a week and being very consistent. I’m working on getting back to that since I’ve been more conscious of wellness, as a whole. I’ve been focusing on exercising three to five days a week and building my way back up to six days.

Curating a wellness routine that works for me is very important to me. I’ve been listening to health podcasts, reading books on health, and following health blogs. I’ve realized that for me health is more about wellness and wellbeing. By moving my body in a way that is great for me and working on eating nutritious and nourishing foods. It’s still really hard for me to give up ice cream because it tastes so good.

Wellness to me is about making sure that I’m healthy for years to come. By nourishing myself in the right way and not listening to outside influences on how I should look. I’ve been making an effort to drink more water, exercise, and read my Bible every morning as apart of my wellness journey. Since I’ve been dong this I’ve noticed such a transformation in my life. It’s been nice to put on some cute workout clothes go for a long walk, or do some vinyasa yoga and focus on my wellbeing for once.

do you practice self-care each day and haven’t realized it?


17 thoughts on “Making Self-Care A Daily Practice

  1. Nicole Green

    These tips are great! I’ve been seriously slacking on journaling lately and need to pick that back up, but I love face masks and podcasts — sometimes even at the same time haha.

  2. Elise Cohen Ho

    I think the most importants word herein is “routine.” Until we create that regular practice then daily self care will not be part of our routine though it absolutely should be.

  3. Cathy Shircliff

    I need to get back to journaling and am so excited to try the 52 lists!!!!!!!!

  4. Beth_Daily_Dog_Tag

    I do something fun for myself every day (often just watching Netflix or playing a game on my phone), but I realize I need to more to take care of myself. Thanks for these suggestions!


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