Making Time For Hobbies

When I was younger, I always made time for hobbies. Some of mine included improving my volleyball skills, taking photos of everything with my small red Polaroid camera, or working on my summer reading list.

I’ve been wanting to make more time for hobbies lately. Especially since blogging is becoming more of a job for me than a hobby. I still enjoy it as much as I do other hobbies, but I need other things that I can focus on instead of scrolling through social media, or getting caught up on my YouTube subscription box.

three ways i’m making time for hobbies:

1 | make them a priority

I’ve been making reading a big priority in my life. I don’t go to bed (most nights) without reading. Since I truly want to read 100 books this year. I have to read every single day. I’ve been wanting to accomplish this goal for a while and get back to my love of reading. Reading has always been a big part of my life and it’s not something that I want to give up.

I can remember when I was younger, my sister and I would take part in our library’s summer reading challenge. When we would complete the challenge we’d receive a coupon to go to Wendy’s to get a free chocolate frosty. We would also get tickets to a Louisville Slugger baseball game. I looked forward to receiving these treats, but most importantly I looked forward to reading a few more books each summer.

2 | try something new

Lately, I have been getting back into coloring. I used to color a lot when I was younger. It was something I did on a regular basis. There are a lot of cute adult coloring books that can be purchased now instead of coloring in a Mickey Mouse and Friends book.

I love the mandala coloring books. They have so many intricate designs, but with a few colored pencils you can make them look cute! Coloring is also a great stress reliever. Especially after a long workday it’s something simple to do while watching some TV.

3 | make them fun

Another hobby that I want to make more time for is exercise. I have never been one to love exercise and I’m not sure that I ever will. But as I get older, I want to take better care of myself by exercising. I need to make exercise more enjoyable for me instead of a burden of something that I know I should do. Not only is exercise great for your health, but releasing endorphins makes you happier.

In this post, I'm discussing the hobbies I enjoy and how I'm making time for them with tips how you can too! @thefeliciarenee

what are some of your hobbies?