Minimalist Approach To Toiletries

One thing I’ve realized that I can spend a lot of money on each month is toiletries. So I’ve figured out a way to decrease the amount of money that I spend on them each month. Since it’s the end of spring and the beginning of summer. I’ve began my seasonal declutter to get rid of items that I no longer need. This is when I go through my clothing, toiletries, tech products, paper goods, etc. Although, it feels like the middle of summer here in Kentucky. Still, I have been working on my seasonal decluttering session.

If you’ve read my posts about makeup, skincare, and my style mindset you’d know that I’m in the midst of it all. I’ve been making capsules and collections to streamline these aspects of my life. The last two aspects to work on are my summer capsule wardrobe (post coming soon) and my toiletries. Hand and body lotion, body oils, face masks, body scrubs, etc. are the hardest things for me to pair down. So when I was going through products I realized that I had more than enough of some, but not enough of others. Over the past few months I’ve been trying a new approach when it comes to minimizing my toiletries and it’s working.

how to minimize your toiletries:

| take inventory

In my bedroom, I have a cube organizer where one storage cube is dedicated to my extra toiletries. I took some time to go through everything that was in this bin. By getting rid of what was expired, refilling items that I had duplicates of, and tossing the excess. I gave away items that irritated my sensitive skin and I wrote down what I needed.

When you take inventory of what you currently have it will show you what you have and what you need. Like, no, you don’t need more body lotion because you have three half-used bottles. But yes, you do need toothpaste because tomorrow you’ll be on your last drop.

2 | stop purchasing new items of the same kind

If you have a lot of one item, such as three types of body lotion. Use them up before going to the store and purchasing more. I love TJ Maxx, but I also purchase items in bulk when I go there so I don’t have to keep repurchasing something every other week. When going through my items I realized that I had a few that I didn’t love, but I used them up first before moving onto new products. Such as products that I tried a while ago to create a great hair care routine. I tried all of the items that I currently had for my hair and realized they won’t working. Since I love to use only all-natural and organic products on my hair. I did my research and tried new products. I’ve found what works for me now and that is great.

It’s always great to make sure that you completely use up an item before repurchasing a new one. One item that I won’t be purchasing for a while is hand creams. Having very dry hands that need to be constantly moisturized has made me a hand cream connoisseur. I love hand creams whether it is Aveda’s Hand Relief, or Crabtree & Evelyn’s Hand Creams. I bought a bunch of them in bulk, which will probably last me until the end of the year. So this means that this is an item that I definitely don’t have to consider repurchasing for a while.

3 | figure out what you love most

Another way I’m decreasing the amount of toiletries I purchase is by figuring out what I love most. Meaning if I hate a particular body soap. When I run out of it, I’ll keep trying other types until I find the one I love. Once I do, I’ll purchase a few when I run out and keep that on hand at all times. I’m doing this to minimize the amount of time it will take me to find products, or test them. I do love trying new things. But overall, I’d love to have the items that I love most and are my go-tos. A few products that I love in this way are hand creams, which I’ve mentioned above and it my favorites posts.

4 | keep a running list

I personally use my phone for this, but you could also use a cute notepad or notebook. I keep a running list of the products I’ve ran out of and need to repurchase. The only items that go on this list will be items that I have used up and there are no replacements for them in my storage cube.

5 | figure out what could be used in more than one way

If there is a body wash or soap that you hate. But you run out of hand wash. Use it in it’s place instead of running to the store to purchase more. This way you’ll use it up faster and you won’t have to deal with it in the long run.

Another way you can do this is with shampoo and conditioner. If you’re trying products, but you find one that you don’t like then use it as a shaving gel. It works just as well and it’s very moisturizing on your skin.

6 | have a space for extras

Like, I previously mentioned I use a cube organizer and storage cubes to hold the extra items. It makes it easy for me to take inventory and see if there is anything else that I need to repurchase. It is also a great resource for extra items that I have saved to use in the future once I run out of a product.

7 | use coupons to save money

If you can purchase an item at buy one get one free, or if you have coupons from the Sunday paper take advantage of this! It limits the amount of time you’ll have to spend at the store looking for an item you need. You can save the extra item in your storage area and you’ll be set for a while. Since college, I’ve been going through the coupons from my parent’s weekly Sunday paper and using them for items. I mean, why not save a little bit of money?

8 | choose a day to purchase items

I have chosen to repurchase toiletries at the end of each month, usually on a Saturday or a Sunday. First, I look in my storage cube for extra items to refill and replace what I’m currently using. Then I take my running list of items that need to be purchased to the store and buy them. I mainly buy items in bulk, but not in the buy ten of each item kind of bulk process. Instead I’ll purchase one bottle of lotion, but three bottles of hair oil because I’ll use up the hair oils faster. This also limits the amount of time I have to run back to the store. And it also allows me to only fill up my storage container with one or two extra items. Otherwise, a lot of extra products will just take up too much unnecessary space.

Toiletries are something that we need every day, but it is also something that can be minimized even more. What’s your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear below!


44 thoughts on “Minimalist Approach To Toiletries

  1. Indya S

    I hardly ever buy toiletries and I still have way too much! Somehow I have THREE tubes of toothpaste? Plus endless amounts of conditioner, shower gel and body scrubs that I’m never going to use. Might do a big declutter and actually give myself some space in my bathroom! No point in having things I’ll never use ✨

    Indya ||

  2. Anonymous

    “Stop purchasing new items of the same kind.” I LOVE this because it’s so true. We are so used to buying so many different products. Why have 12 creams, 3 face washes, etc. Great list here!

    1. Felicia Renee

      Exactly & thanks! My issue was shampoo since it’s hard to find one that works well on my natural hair. So instead of just stashing them all, I’ve been taking them back to the store. Saves me money and space!

  3. Kristen Jones

    Okay–I totally need to go through and cut back on SO many items now. I have two trays full of hair products that I have hidden under my dresser PLUS more in the bathroom under the sink. So many of them, I don’t even use anymore. Definitely doing a purge again soon. I also love using things for different purposes like you do!

  4. Becca

    These are all such great ideas. I really need to sit down and declutter my skincare products.

  5. Tahna

    I am definitely minimalistic when it comes to my toiletries!

    Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  6. Tahnee Flack

    Great post and unless it’s a really massive saving I don’t see the point in buying it for the sake of it! I agree it can be waaaay to cluttered with to many products xxx

  7. Bhuboy

    This would be very helpful for my wife as she is the one responsible for this kind of things, will let her read this

  8. Chiimmiii's Happy World

    This is how small things makes it work to consume time. Loved your ideas 🙂

  9. paprika

    I should take notes, I have so many things that have the same purpose … but also I love buying new things :p

  10. Abhinav Uniyaal

    Good ideas, what I also do is, find common products for my family members as well.

  11. Matt Hulland

    This is definitley advice that I need to share with my partner! I swear we have about 17 bottles of shampoo on the go. I try to use them all up but I think it must be breading season. As for me, I find a bar of soap is everything! Great post, I’ll be sharing with her!

  12. Ana Sofia Rodriguez

    Great advice, and awesome products. I always get an accumulation of toiletries.

  13. Jennifer Ruiz

    This is so true, I have a ton of toiletries everywhere and am constantly buying new ones cause I’m scared of expiration. I need to consolidate!

  14. Brooke Burton

    I try to be minimalistic about everything but I never thought about taking that mindset to my toiletries. Great tips.

  15. Lisa Krisman

    I’m the worst. If I don’t like a product I tried, it’s so hard for me to finish it up before moving on, lol. Good on you!

  16. Sheerin Siddique

    I like your ideas. We should try to use as minimal as possible. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Kasia

    This is a very good idea. You definitely need to take stock of what you’ve got before you go purchasing more items. And keeping it all organized will help you out with that as well.

  18. Mercy

    I think I’ve always lived by these tips when it comes to most of the toiletries I use. I still need discipline when it comes to shoes though. 🙂

  19. Niki Bozionelou

    I think my problem is no2! I do purchase new items of the same kind more often that I’d like to admit! I need to control myself lol!


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