More TED Talks That Will Inspire You To Live Minimally

I recently wrote a post all about TED Talks that will inspire you to live minimally and the response I’ve gotten from it was amazing. TED Talks to me are like podcasts – it’s difficult to narrow them down when giving someone a suggestion. Especially when you’re interested in a particular subject, you soak up as much information about it that you can. Since it was really hard for me to narrow down the amount of TED Talks I love. That are not only inspirational, but also great at inspiring you to take charge on living minimally especially if you’ve been considering it for a while. I thought I’d do another round up of some more of my favorite talks. Sometimes we all just need a little bit of inspiration to propel us forward in life to do something we’ve been wanting to do for a while.

seven ted talks that will inspire you to live minimally:

| travel more & buy less by luis vargas

| the ten-item wardrobe by jennifer l. scott

| the art of letting go by the minimalists

| adventures with minimalism and happiness by marty stand

| get rid of the unnecessary to get down to basics by colin wright

| why i spent a year living in a van by d.j. podgorny

| this is not your practice life by aj leon

These TED talks are very inspirational for me and I hope they were for you too! If you missed part one – you can check it out here! Lastly, let me know in the comment section below – if any of these TED Talks inspired you to live minimally? 

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3 years ago

I went to a Ted Talk in paris it’s so inspiring

Felicia Renee
3 years ago
Reply to  paprika

Ah, I’d love to do that!

Elena Zahir
3 years ago

Hey Felicia, thanks so much for sharing these! They look like great suggestions, I bookmarked this and will definitely check these talks out. Especially “travel more & buy less” sounds like something I will love, and as a fashion lover obsessed with basics and minimal designs, I will certainly enjoy the “ten item wardrobe” too. Such a great post love!
xx Elena

Felicia Renee
3 years ago

Ahh, thanks Elena! I’m so glad that it resonated with you! I hope you enjoy them. Travel More & Buy Less is definitely my favorite from this list!