Podcasts That Add Value To Your Life | Part Two

I am definitely a podcast junkie. I listen to them all day long while working, cleaning, and to relax on self-care days! Almost a year ago, I wrote my first post about podcasts that add value to your life and it was so hard to narrow down my favorite podcasts. So, I’ve decided that this would be a three part series. The first time I gave you six podcasts to listen to: for creativity, inspiration, and life, in general! This time, I’m giving you six more podcasts to listen too. And again it was hard for me to narrow down my six favorites that add value to your life, but nevertheless I did!

So here are a few more of my favorite podcasts that happen to add value to your life.

podcasts that add value to your life (part two):


This is one of the first podcasts that I listened too. It is under the NPR umbrella. It discusses human behavior, such as our ideas, beliefs, emotions, and the like. The storytelling by co-hosts Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin, and Alex Spiegel is the best part. You’ll hear stories about a woman with Mirror Touch Synesthesia, who can physically feel what she sees other people are feeling and so much more.
I recommend this podcast for anyone that is curious about how the mind works.

the chasing joy podcast

I loved this podcast the first time I listened to it during my long drive from one state to another. Georgie Morley is a blogger over at In It 4 The Long Run. She shares true life stories with her guests from how we think about food to building a life that inspires you. The name of this podcast is great because we all want more joy in our life, I mean why wouldn’t you? I know I love having joy in my life and I love listening to a podcast that inspires me each episode.
I recommend this podcast for recent grads, people that need inspiration, and wellness folks.

black girl in om

This is the most recent podcast that I have begun listening too. It is by the Founder and Creative Director of Black Girl In Om Lauren Ash, along with the Art Director Zakkiyyah Najeebah (season one) and Deun Ivory (for season two). This podcast is released twice a month and these girls discuss wellness, self-care, and self-love with prominent people. I love (almost) anything that has to do with self-care and when you mix in yoga I’m all for it. I love how uplifting this podcast is and being able to find out about more influential people in the black wellness community.
I recommend this podcast for all self-care enthusiasts and yogis in the making. 

intercepted with jeremy scahill

This podcast is a must listen to stay up to date with what is currently occurring in the White House and beyond. I hate watching the news all the time and I rarely watch cable TV. I’d rather listen to a summary of what is going on and hear from other political journalists that know what they’re talking about. I like this podcast because this is an unbiased version of what is currently happening in our country. It is not just focused on what is occurring in the White House. Instead there is a lot of commentary on what is occurring outside of the White House in the political realm. You can find out more about them at The Intercept.
I recommend this podcast for political lovers, like me.

that’s so maven

The Healthy Maven is one of the first blogs that I have ever read, so when Davida started a podcast – I knew it would be great. As you can probably guess this is a wellness podcast about healthy living: natural beauty, exercise, and self-care. I love this podcast and the amazing guests that come onto it. She infuses wellness with blogging and how the two are interconnected in a great way.
I recommend this podcast for wellness junkies and bloggers.

the marie forleo podcast

Do I even need to explain why this podcast is on my list? If you don’t know about Marie Forleo, then you’re definitely missing out. She helps creatives build a business and life they love whether it is  your side-hustle, or your full-time gig. I love this podcast because it gives me creative inspiration and great tips to improve my blog and career.
I recommend this podcast for creatives and inspiration seekers.

you can read part one here!

what are your favorite podcasts?

xx, tfr.

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Kim L
3 years ago

Always looking for good podcasts…thanks for this list…can’t wait to give them a listen

Felicia Renee
3 years ago
Reply to  Kim L

I hope you enjoy them!

Kartik Kannan
Kartik Kannan
3 years ago

That’s useful Felicia. I have not listened to it, but I am bookmarking this page.

Felicia Renee
3 years ago
Reply to  Kartik Kannan

Great! Let me know what you liked!