Podcasts That Add Value To Your Life

Lately, I have been into listening to a lot of podcasts: non-stop. I made a point to listen to podcasts that will add value to my life instead of just listening to them because I can. I am big on doing things that add value to my life, or improve my circumstances. Still, I do make a point to have fun and do things that are outside of the realm of self-improvement. But, I knew that if I was going to share something that I enjoy with you, it will be apart of the self-help.

So here are a few of my favorite podcasts that happen to add value to your life.

podcasts that add value to your life:

the lively show

Jess Lively is absolutely phenomenal. Her podcast has given me a drive to take advantage of my life full-force and to live a life of intention. Her guest’s are great and give you so much hope and joy for the future that you can do whatever you put your mind too.
I highly recommend her podcast for anyone!

being boss

I randomly clicked this podcast because I liked the name. Since I did so I have been going through all of the archives. Emily and Kathleen are true inspirations. They are women that have taken on the ‘being boss’ title full-force. They are creative entrepreneurs that have grown their businesses in a great way. Their episodes give you a lot of helpful tips to grow your blog and business successfully. They also have a few guests on their podcasts that are very inspirational.
I recommend this podcast for all creatives. 

after the jump

Grace Bonney from Design*Sponge gives a great take on representing how other people have made the jump by adding value to their lives by taking on their own business. She has a lot of guests on this podcast that run their own successful, creative business.
I recommend this podcast for anyone that needs a little bit of inspiration to keep going.

she did it her way podcast

Amanda is a great speaker that interviews women from all over the world. These women are female entrepreneurs and they detail how their lives have changed, since they took on the position that they wanted too by becoming solo entrepreneurs.
I recommend this podcast for anyone that is a little afraid to take the plunge.

elise gets crafty

Elise has a great weekly podcast all about blogging, inspiration, creativity, and inspiring you to take on your blog strong! This is a great podcast and has given me a lot of tips to improve my blog and readership.
I recommend this podcast for all creatives.


This is a great podcast by Megan Tan. She discusses what we deal with in life as millennial.  When I first began searching for podcasts, I happened to come across this one. This podcast has truly added value to my life as a millennial. It showcases what we deal with while trying to navigate our twenties. It is very helpful to hear someone else’s perspective on exactly what you are going through in life. She also interviews other millennials and tells their stories.
I recommend this podcast for all millennials, and anyone that wants to understand us a little bit better.

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Amanda Boleyn
Amanda Boleyn
4 years ago

Thanks so much for including She Did It Her Way! 🙂

Felicia Renee
4 years ago
Reply to  Amanda Boleyn

You’re welcome, Amanda! I absolutely love your podcast. I’m an avid listener every single Monday!