My Realistic New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year Y’all! What a year 2017 was! There were many ups and many downs, but we made it out alive so there’s so much to be grateful about. I’m excited to take on 2018 head first – I know it will be amazing!

Last year, I gave myself a word for the year: resilient. I definitely used it a lot and it helped me during the hard times. This year, my word is breathe. Maybe I’ll explain why in another post, but for now that’s all you’ll know.

2017 was the first time I ever did new years resolutions/goals/intentions and I enjoyed them. So, I thought why not give myself some more realistic resolutions for 2018!

my realistic new years resolutions:

1 | use my gym membership within the next three months, or cancel it

I’ve had a gym membership since this past summer and I know that I’ve been less than 30 times. So basically, I’m wasting money in the hopes of going. I’m going to work on going more over the next few months, but if I still don’t go then I’m no longer paying for it.

2 | drink more water

I’ve decided to give up my beloved Pepsi. We’ve had a good go, but it’s time to let it go. I’m not saying that I’ll never drink Pepsi again. But for now, I’m just limiting how much I drink it until I no longer crave it.

3 | limit how much paper i use

I’m trying to go completely digital besides for my journals. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the type of person that journals online, but until then all of the excess paper needs to go! I am not using a paper planner anymore as well. I’ve decided to stop using my planner and stick to my Mac calendar.

4 | read more books

I plan to read 52 books this year. I’ve spoken to a few other bloggers as well to help keep each other accountable with this goal. You can follow along and see what I’m reading through my Goodreads account. I also want to join a book club, so that will help me read more books too!

5 | make more savings goals

I have reached some of the savings goals I’ve set for myself for the next five years, but now I want to make yearly savings goals and tackle those. I’m really interested in investments right now and thinking about my future. So that may be where I concentrate regarding my financial goals for the year.

6 | stick to a night time routine

I am constantly switching up my night time routine. But if I can stick to one routine to see if it works for about a month. I know that I’ll sleep better, etc. I’ll also share my night time routine once I find one I enjoy.

what are your new years resolutions?

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14 thoughts on “My Realistic New Years Resolutions

  1. Felicia Renee

    Nice! Those are some amazing goals! If you have a Goodreads account, please add me! I love getting new book suggestions. The link is on my sidebar and above in this post.

  2. Felicia Renee

    Thanks! I use a Contigo water bottle that I love. I fell off drinking enough water because my last one broke, so I went and bought a new one. I also wish infusing water made me drink it more, but it doesn’t I don’t like the taste – random, I know! haha

  3. Amanda Schreiber

    I love the “go to the gym or quit my membership” resolution! I’ve tried to be a gym person for so many years, but it turns out I just hate working out around people. I finally quit going and spending money on it, but I still workout at home and am still in great shape!

  4. Melinda Lejman

    One of my goals is to read a new book every two weeks…I’m “this close” to finishing Tig Notaro’s “I’m Just a Person”. I started reading it yesterday and am super anxious to finish it. Happy New Year!

    1. Felicia Renee

      Oh, nice! You can do it – I have faith in you! I love reading & I have a few posts that list a lot of book suggestions, if you’re interested just search ‘read’.

  5. Megan

    Fair play to you for giving up Pepsi! I don’t think I could!

    Good luck in achieving all your goals – happy new year! x

    1. Felicia Renee

      Well I’m not giving it up completely, that would be unrealistic haha. Just decreasing how much I drink it and drink more water so when I have Pepsi – it becomes a treat! Still thanks!


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