Simple Tips For A Better Day

When I’m stressed, or overwhelmed I tend to become a very impatient person. Since I’ve realized this about myself instead of just faking how I feel. I’ve found ways to have a more positive outlook on life in order to have a better day, overall.

When you wake up feeling tired and unpleasant this can carry onto your workday and you can start it with a very negative mindset. Negativity isn’t good and is something that I’m trying to diminish in my life as much as possible. I’ve tried the four tactics below to have a better day and so far they’re working out great.

simple tips for a better day:

use affirmations

A simple affirmation such as ‘I will conquer today and not let anything get in my way’ is a great way to start off. If you already have the mindset that you will be able to stay positive no matter what comes your way. You’ll be determined to stay on track and not let anything bother you.


I’ve found that meditation is a great way to center yourself and to let go of negativity. It’s a great way to calm yourself down and to stay present by focusing on the good in your life. If you want to have a better day then you need to let go things that stress you out all of the time. A simple guided meditation, or reading an uplifting passage is a great way to start.

read a book, or listen to a podcast

This year I’m trying to read 100 books, so far I’m on track. I’ve also noticed that books and podcasts are great ways to start your day on the right foot. I love uplifting podcasts like The Lively Show and writing in a book like the 52 Lists For Happiness. Choosing to do one or the other is a great way to have a better mindset by setting yourself up to have a better day.


Currently, I am trying to get into an exercise routine that I enjoy and that works best for me. I’m the type of person that needs a plan. I used to exercise six days a week and do yoga every morning. I’ve noticed that I have become a much happier person since getting back into an exercise routine. It has helped me stay calm no matter what is thrown at me each day.

Let’s face it – some days are hard and some are easy. But when you work on having a better day each and every day eventually you won’t have to work at it all. One day it will just happen automatically! So, try out these four tips to have a better day and the next thing you know every day will be better.

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Daniela S.
Daniela S.
3 years ago

2, 3 and 4 are my favorites!

Felicia Renee
3 years ago
Reply to  Daniela S.

Mine too!