Simple Tips To Focus & Be More Productive

Being able to focus and be more productive are two essential things in my life right now. If you read my most recent life update – you’d know that I have a lot going on. However, I’ve worked on upping my productivity and concentrating on publishing content consistently. And so far I’ve been very successful. It’s great to see that I have been able to complete a lot of tasks an efficient manner. Because I’ve been struggling this year with being able to do so. I’ve created a lot of systems and processes that work for me to focus and be more productive. So I thought I’d share a few tips that have been working well for me and hopefully they work for you too!

simple tips to focus & be more productive:

create a schedule

I love planning. However, sometimes I plan to much and don’t get much done. So I’ve learned that when I create a schedule that is more efficient I’m able to get more done. For instance, towards the end of each month I plan for the upcoming month. I take about two hours to schedule out my editorial calendar and write down anything that I need to complete during the upcoming month. This allows me to stay very focused during the month on tasks that need to get done. Especially now that my blog is gaining a lot of traffic (THANK YOU!) I have to increase my productivity and focus on other tasks like social media that I was not giving as much attention too previously.

TIP // Create a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Use a paper, or digital planner and track what you need to give your time and attention too. Once you begin organizing and scheduling in a way that’s right for you – you will notice a huge difference. Plus you’ll have more time for relaxing and doing other hobbies that you enjoy.

batch tasks

Batching tasks are when you categorize your tasks based on the type of task. For instance, writing blog posts could be categorized as one task, while editing blog posts could be another. Batching works best when I have a lot of tasks to complete. Because I’d rather do them all in one sitting then switch back and forth between tasks.

HOW TO // First, write down everything you need to complete. Second, categorize what you need to complete based on the type of task. Lastly, block out time to complete each task. The more you batch tasks the easier it will become. At first it may take you two hours to respond to email before writing blog posts. But after a while you’ll get use to your system and you’ll finish the tasks quickly.

take breaks

I am definitely the worst at slowing down and taking a break when I am engrossed in a task. It makes it hard for me to stop, which can make me burn out. But I’ve learned this is extremely unhealthy and we all need to stop and slow down sometimes.

Like, if you cannot get yourself to focus on what you are doing because your phone keeps going off. Then you should probably take a five minute break every hour to check in and take care of what is making your phone go off. Do not stretch yourself too thin. If you need to take a fifteen minute break every now and then to scroll through Instagram, or get a snack – do so.

TIP // Don’t make yourself complete a task when you cannot get your thoughts together. You can always come back to it at another time. If you are struggling to get through your emails, set aside time for the next day to go through them. This way you know that the task will be completed and you can work on something else that needs your attention.

have a change of scenery

Changing up your scenery sometimes is so helpful. It could be as simple as working on your couch instead of always sitting at your desk. I know that my mind wanders at times and I can’t focus, so it’s easier for me to move around than stay sedentary in one spot. Sometimes at work I turn my desk into a standing desk just to give myself a little bit of movement. It helps me change my perspective and get inspired.

TIP // Find a spot where you can work and try to go there at least once a week. I know that on weekends I work on my blog a lot. So I usually change up where I am writing posts. Once you start changing up your scenery you’ll notice a difference in how you can concentrate better on what you are doing.

how do you focus & stay productive?

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