Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care

During my short hiatus, I realized that I needed to focus more on what serves me instead of giving my time and energy to things that don’t. Because it’s not good to neglect yourself and it is important to take time out to do things that are enjoyable. I’ve realized that once you begin taking care of yourself on the inside it begins to translate to the outside.

Recently, I noticed that I was guilty of the fact that I didn’t consider myself important enough to take care of myself. This was really hard to be honest with myself about, but necessary. I was too busy focusing on my career, making more money, and literally running myself into the ground. Instead of taking a moment to stop and think about if i’m actually taking care of myself to achieve what I want out of life.

I used to find so much joy in taking an entire Saturday to practice self-care and treat myself. But somehow I allowed other things to take priority and it doesn’t make me feel satisfied at all. So with the theme of this year I’ve decided to shift my mindset and focus on things that are important to me. Because let’s face it, no matter how “selfish” it may sound – our wellbeing is important!

It is important to take care of yourself because it allows you to stop giving energy to things that no longer serve you. It also decreases burnout and your stress levels begin to lower.

simple ways to practice self-care:

make sleep a priority

I’ve been doing this a lot lately by turning off all electronics at least thirty minutes before I want to sleep. It makes a huge difference when you get enough sleep. You’re able to be more productive and energized the next day. Another thing I’ve been doing to guarantee that I get enough sleep is going to bed fifteen minutes earlier than planned. I’m also working on an evening routine, which includes making reading before bed a priority.

begin journaling

I got a newfound love for journaling when I took part in the 100 day project. It was a great way to learn more about myself and decompress. Journaling is also great to check in with your goals, plans, and aspirations. As well as a great way to practice gratitude and be more thankful in general. I love using the 52 Lists For Happiness journal as a weekly self-care check-in.

practice wellness

I’ve become interested in wellness a lot lately. Especially when it comes to being more intentional with everything I do. There will be post on this very soon!

I will also admit that the healthy part of wellness is the biggest challenge for me. I don’t like going to the gym, nor would I choose to eat a sweet potato over french fries. Just being honest with all of y’all! However, during the month of August I decided to not drink any Pepsi (my addiction), or eat ice cream. I noticed that it made me feel better so I’m starting to care more about what I put in my body. I’m trying to make wellness more of a priority as a means to take better care of myself wholly: mind, body, and soul.

get a hobby

I love hobbies. I never realized how important they were until I decided to embark on a journey of figuring out what I enjoy to do just for me. One thing is super simple like coloring in an adult coloring book. It is very relaxing and something I can do while listening to music, or catching up on one of my podcasts.

plan a self-care day

I love self-care days. I’ve been working on getting back to having a self-care day at least once a week. By creating a self-care spa day, making my favorite body scrub, or painting my nails. Even trying new body products I have stored is a great way to treat myself to some relaxation.

SOMETHING TO REMEMBER // Making yourself a priority is not selfish at all, it is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body, and soul. It clears your mind and allows you to relax by focusing on what’s important. Everyone needs to take a break at times and we all need to realize when our breaking points occur.

Sometimes you just need a moment to pause, breathe, and relax. So, choose a day each week that’s just for you! Turn of your phone for an hour, declutter that junk draw you’ve been avoiding, or lay in bed and listen to music. Whatever works best for you – do that!

how do you practice self-care? do you have any tips?

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