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I am such a creature of habit that loves trying new things. That makes so much sense, right!? Well, my dad has loved Suave Men’s body wash for years and now I see why. Suave has so many wonderful scents like Ocean Breeze and Almond Verbena. Also, Almond Verbena includes Sweet Almond Oil so the naturalista in me loves this!

Since summer is coming to an end I thought it would be the perfect time to switch up my body wash and the scents with these Suave products. I took their quiz to find my perfect body wash scent and I got Ocean Breeze! If you want to take the quiz too, you can do so here! So I went to my local Target to smell it and buy it. I loved Ocean Breeze, but I also loved a few more scents that I smelt. I couldn’t decide between three scents, so I bought all three! Each body wash’s scent takes me to a tropical island and makes me want to just relax and refresh. I also wanted to try each one and put them to the sensitive skin test! Plus their super affordable at only $2.39, which is a price you can’t beat!

Y’all know that I have super sensitive skin, so that side of me is hesitant when I try anything. However, I wanted to give Suave’s body washes a chance. I mean, I’ve always loved their hair care products, which smell amazing as well. I’m also a lover of skincare, which if you’re an avid reader of mine you’d know this by all of my posts on skincare! So trying a new product that has amazing scents drew me in.

the three scents i tried:

| ocean breeze

This body wash has a very refreshing and clean scent. The blend includes hyacinth, sandalwood, and freesia, which are scents I love. One thing that drew me to this body wash (other than getting it from my quiz results) is that it includes sea algae and Vitamin E extract! Vitamin E is great for elasticity in the skin to make it supple and smooth.

2 | mango mandarin

This body wash smells like a tropical paradise and it’s glorious! It has a blend that is very zesty and citrus smelling. It also includes mango, mandarin peel oil, aloe, and Vitamin E. All of those natural ingredients are great to condition and soften the skin.

3 | almond verbena

This is my favorite body wash out of the three. It smells like creamy deliciousness, which I can’t even describe haha so go to the store ASAP and smell it! It has has sweet almond oil, verbena extract (great for sensitive skin), milk protein, and Vitamin E. (SPOILER) This product really soothed my sensitive skin and left it smelling wonderful while feeling refreshed.

the moment of truth

These body washes did not irritate my sensitive skin! So this makes me love these Suave products even more! They’re very creamy, smooth, and smell absolutely amazing! These products contain a few natural ingredients a long with an amazing scent, so I’m sold.

I love using a glorious scent either when I’m getting ready for work in the morning, so something refreshing like Ocean Breeze, or Mango Mandarin to wake me up. I also enjoy using Almond Verbena after the gym so my skin feels super smooth and I can relax for the evening.

One great tip is to have a self-care spa day and use a little bit of one of the body washes to create a tropical scented bubble bath! This may be something I’m going to do this weekend! So whether you’re getting ready for work in the morning, or pampering yourself in the evening. These scents are amazing for every occasion!

Also, don’t forget to take the Suave quiz to see which scent is best for you! Also you’ll receive a coupon code for cash back from Ibotta!

Have you taken the Suave quiz?


What did you get? Let me know in the comment section below!

xx, tfr.

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14 thoughts on “Switching Up Scents With Suave | AD

  1. Mistle

    I love Suave’s shower gels! They have so many good smelling scents. I love the Almond Verbena. I need to try the mango one!

  2. Tami

    I love Suave Professionals shampoo/conditioner but I don’t think I’ve tried their body wash. I definitely should though since they’re so affordable and I LOVE tropical and almond scents, haha. 🙂


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