TED Talks That Will Inspire You To Live Minimally

Lately, I’ve been focusing on getting back to the root of what made me want to live minimally and simply. I know that my idea of it has been changing, but overall – I still love minimalism. I love the simplicity of it all by focusing on what truly matters and letting go of the rest. When I first found out about minimalism I read a lot of articles, books, and watched TED Talks on the reality of living simply. I couldn’t believe this was something that was truly attainable. But over time, I’ve learned that it is!

I love podcasts, as you know, but I am also a lover of YouTube channels and TED Talks. I soak up self-help like a sponge. However, I take in what I believe helps me and let go of the rest. My view of minimalism has definitely changed from when I first started practicing this concept. When I began, I was in college. Now I’m a college graduate so my priorities have shifted. I’m also more focused on living mindfully in my everyday life along with the items I acquire.

If you’re curious about how someone could live simply and minimally then these TED Talks are for you!

five ted talks that will inspire you to live minimally:

| a rich life with less stuff by the minimalists

less stuff more happiness by graham hill

3 | minimalism: for a more full life by grant blakeman

the masterpiece of a simple life by maura malloy

5 | sell your crap, pay your debt, do what you love by adam baker

did any of these TED Talks inspire you to live minimally?


16 thoughts on “TED Talks That Will Inspire You To Live Minimally

  1. Anna Hubbard

    I LOVE Ted Talks! These are all really intriguing, so I’ll have to put them on my to-watch list!

  2. Laura

    I love this. I’m really good at tossing stuff out… but I’m also pretty good at replacing it! I find the older I get the more I shift toward minimalism, but to check in with an article or ted talk to stay on track is really helpful!!

    Laura @ http://www.cookwineandthinker.com

    1. Felicia Renee

      I’m so glad that they inspired you! I love them too. I’m creating a part two because there are so many more that I want to share! Stay tuned.


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