Ten Ways To Be A Calmer Person

We live in a world with so much chaos that it can be hard to be a calm person. Every single time you turn on the news they are talking about some horrific accident that just occurred. Even if you aren’t paying much attention to the news there are still other factors in your daily life. Such as, you may have a full-time job, side jobs, kids, or other things to tend too. We are all so busy sometimes that we do not stay present, or calm down.

When I feel overwhelmed, or I need a way to relax. I use these ten tactics to take control of my surroundings and appreciate things more.

here are ten ways to be a calmer person:

1 | prioritize self-care

One of the most important things I have learned by trying to be a more calmer, and ill-tempered person is to prioritize self-care. We all need to take a moment to stop and take a break from our daily activities. The easiest way to do this is to take a day, or an hour each week to do something just for yourself.

Get a facial, get a pedicure, read a book, or listen to a podcast. Just take some time to go for a walk and make yourself a priority. Doing little things like putting yourself first even for a little while is worth it. Because for everything that you do, every single day proves that you deserve it.

2 | stop rushing through life

One great thing you can do to calm your mind and become a calmer person is to slow down and enjoy life. Do things that interest you, but are not so fast paced. Travel to a nearby town and eat at a restaurant that is known for a delicious dish. Go on a hike by yourself and breathe in the fresh air. Learn to just relax and let go of things that stress you out.

3 | use routines

Since I have been using a morning, evening, and weekend routine consistently. I have noticed a huge difference in myself and my productivity. Being able to complete more tasks than I’m used to every single day is great! I also have time to take days off from work, which is very refreshing.

I was putting my all into this blog (and I still am). However, I am now able to take a step back and relax. I no longer feel like my blog will not be able to exist without me working on it constantly, all day long. I have also decided to make a few changes with the direction of my blog.

Once you learn to practice routines by doing things that you love to do and make a point to do them every single day. You will notice more clarity and inspiration while you are at work. Instead of feeling like you are dragging and ready to go home.

If you enjoy eating breakfast, but you find yourself running out of the door every morning and most days you skip it. Start going to bed a little bit earlier, so you can get up in the morning to sit down and eat breakfast. Little routines, such as prioritizing what is important for you will make you a calmer person. Especially while you are at work and completing your daily duties.

4 | stay present

Learn to stay present in the moment. When you are constantly focused on the past or future, you will stay stressed and anxious. Trust me, I know firsthand. I am definitely the type of person with a futuristic focused mindset. Since I have focused more on the present day. I have been able to calm my mind and become a calmer person, in general. Staying present allows you to enjoy the moment that you currently in by taking advantage of it.

5 | create boundaries

Use boundaries as a way to distance yourself from very stressful situations. I mean, why would you want to inherently put yourself in situations that get you worked up and stressed out? I know that I wouldn’t. So, if something bothers you, then don’t force yourself to be in that situation. Never make yourself do something that you are uncomfortable with just because your friends, or family are doing it. Work on doing what is great for you, not for others.

A great way to learn how to set boundaries in your life is to read this book. This book taught me so much about learning to make myself happy and not others. It also taught me to stop caring about what other people think, and to do what works best for me.

6 | stay positive

Always have a positive outlook on life. If you constantly have a negative mindset then you will always look for a disaster. Use positive sayings, or read positive quotes. Stay upbeat and look for the brighter side of every single situation. I promise that if you make a conscious effort to keep a smile on your face and try to be as happy as you can. After a while it will not longer feel like you are faking it, or it is an act. You will truly feel like a happier and calmer person.

7 | be mindful

Being mindful is something that I am working on adding more to my daily life. Reading blogs, like The Blissful Mind and Mind Body Green are great sites to help you add mindfulness to your day.

Another great way to become a more mindful person is to practice mediation and yoga. I love doing both. I don’t meditate as much as I used too, but I still try to make time for yoga. They both help especially when I feel very stressed, or overwhelmed. But at times, I like to take a break and calm my mind by journaling. I like to journal as much as I can, which means almost every single evening.

It is very helpful to journal every single day in order to write all of your thoughts down on paper and to refresh. It is a great way to add mindfulness into your daily life releasing anxieties and only allowing calmness into your midst. Journaling is a great way to find clarity and to reflect on the previous day.

8 | take breaks

Taking breaks is something that I have been making myself do a lot lately. I am the type of person that can just keep going without ever stopping. Especially when I am in the midst of planning, and writing content for this blog. I can continue to work, skip lunch, and barely sleep.

By allowing myself to take breaks and adding structure to my blog. It really helps with spending my time wisely and avoiding burnout. I enjoy blogging and I don’t want it to feel like a chore. Having set days for when I publish new content allows me to stay consistent. I also want to have a lot of great, quality content for you to read. This way I can batch tasks and write a lot of posts in order to have content saved up. And in a few months, I will be able to increase the amount of posts that I publish on a consistent basis without feeling burnt out.

So if by taking a break means that you need to go on a vacation. Then do it, what is stopping you? If it’s finances, then save for a few months. If it’s time, then reprioritize your time and make it work. Make yourself a priority for once and work on being a calmer person.

9 | practice gratitude

This month, I have been working on gratitude journaling and practicing gratitude in general. There are so many blog posts on gratitude and how it changes your outlook on life. Practicing gratitude truly helps make you become a more calmer person.

I remember in high school, I did a 100 days of happiness challenge on Instagram. Every single day I had to post an image of something that made me happy that day. So, whether or not I had a great day that day; I still had to post something. This challenge truly forced me to find the positive in the day. It made me a happier and more grateful person for my life and my surroundings.

You could do a challenge like I did, or you could begin by journaling. Every single night you could write down three things that you are grateful for: either that day, that week, or in general. If you feel like you won’t remember, just try it. It doesn’t hurt to try something new! By practicing gratitude, you will look for the positives in your life no matter your situation.

10 | forgive & let go

One of the best things that you can do for yourself, your health, and your sanity is to forgive and let go. Whether you are forgiving someone, or you are forgiving yourself! Many people have pent up emotions and anxieties that are triggered from other people, or situations. When you begin practicing forgiveness and learning to let go of things. You will begin to notice a huge difference in yourself and your life.

When I wanted to change my life and my circumstances. I used a notebook and I journaled in order to write out all of the things in the past, or present that were bothering me. Once I was able to see all of these issues on paper, I had a lot of clarity in those situations. I was able to forgive and let go. Doing this exercise helped me feel so much better.

Get a notebook, or your journal that you use on a daily basis and write down everything. Just think about past things that have happened and let it all go. Write it all out. It may take you a few hours, but once you are done you will feel so much better!

xx, tfr.


12 thoughts on “Ten Ways To Be A Calmer Person

  1. Talisa - That New Girl

    My goal is to try to make self-care a daily priority, starting this month. My schedule is so insanely hectic that I would usually take ‘breaks’ on weekends and STILL be stressed, tense, not sleeping, etc. I also recently did a post on my channel about simple ways to practice self care. It’s SO key.

  2. Kristen Jones

    Staying present and not rushing through life are huge. Love these tips, Felicia!

  3. Nicole Leith

    Amazing list! I started making a daily checklist of all the things I wanted to do every day – like getting up at a certain time and cleaning for 15 minutes – and I included Time for Myself on it. It felt like I had to do it then and I’ve been much happier since!

  4. Heather Gleason

    This is a great list! I’ve started working on some of these myself, but there’s definitely some I still need to work on. Keep up the great writing!

  5. Cecilia Söderlund

    I loved this, I’m recovering from burnout and every little tip helps. For the last six months I do 1-3 sessions of meditation


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