Three Things I Learned In College

On May 8, 2016, I walked across a stage to receive my degrees. Four years of undergrad flew by and the tassel was definitely worth the hassle. Going to college was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I would do it all over again a billion times if I had the opportunity. I have grown so much as a person while in college. It allowed me to learn a lot about myself, while also gaining my independence.

I think back to when I was a freshman and the first time I stepped onto my campus, and I realize that I have become a completely different person. The first night I was in college, I wrote a letter to my future (soon-to-be) graduated self. I have read this letter and it was completely different than what I expected. Although, I’m not really sure what I expected. If you are currently in college, I highly recommend that you do this.

Obviously, I learned a lot in college, but I tried my best to narrow it down to my top three lessons.

three things i learned in college:

1 | friends come and go

Before going to college, I read various articles on the site, Her Campus about this topic. I was truly in denial that the people I called my “best friends” were always going to be there. However, when I was a junior in college – I realized that friends do truly come and go. And by that point, I was okay with that. Because the people I surrounded myself with freshman year, or even in high school, I no longer spoke too. And that is completely okay. All of us have grown up, changed, and moved on with our lives in different directions. I learned to stop forcing relationships that were just not meant to be anymore. Instead I’ve learned to focus on friendships that are valuable to me. Because the people that are meant to be in my life are and the ones that aren’t have left.

2 | you will gain skills that are useful

If I think back to high school, I would have never imagined that I would not be playing volleyball. Nor would I consider that graphic design would be something that I could teach myself so easily and enjoy. I have gained skills and valuable experiences through jobs and internships. I have ran social media for two different companies and all of the website photography for one. Also I have learned all of the behind the scenes of what goes into building a website. The skills I have gained have helped me tremendously with building this blog, and are very useful in the workforce.

3 | you can accomplish your dreams

When I will little, I always said that I wanted to go to China. It was such a big dream of mine. By going to college I was able to study abroad for an entire semester in Beijing. It was life-altering, tragic, and mind-blowing. It was an experience that I would have not traded for anything in the world. All of the tears, smiles, and laughs were definitely worth it! I recommend that everyone should study abroad. Don’t let things like finances, or fear hold you back from going overseas. Actually pursue your dreams because they can become your reality.

xx, tfr.