Twenty-Four Hour Digital Detox: My Findings

Taking part in a digital detox has become very popular lately. A few bloggers that I follow have taken part of reducing their media consumption and making sure to focus on the world around them. When I first watched a YouTube video about a twenty-four hour digital detox, I knew it was something I should do, but it sounded so hard.

As someone that has both lived alone and worked remotely – doing a digital detox just seemed unbearable. However, I have noticed how attached I had become to my technological devices and I knew something had to give. So, I decided to tackle the digital detox challenge for a day and see if it made a difference.

A twenty-four hour digital detox means no phone,computer, or tv shows/movies for an entire twenty-four hours.

The only exception I allowed myself was to listen to one podcast episode on my Apple TV while eating dinner since I live alone.

twenty-four hour digital detox: my findings

the day before

It’s just one day, which is what I kept telling myself.

I turned off my iPhone and MacBook and I knew that it was time to embark on a very quiet journey for an entire Sunday. I set an alarm on my small clock that I’ve had since college. To make sure that it would work to wake me up on Monday morning and I wouldn’t miss my flight.

I knew that this would be a challenge and a long one at that. In the hopes of preparing for the day ahead, I made plans for what I’d like to accomplish. Like, finish cleaning the apartment, clean my car, go to Sephora and spend my gift card, go to the gym, and cook a meal.

Great – I was ready, right!?

the day of

I woke up by the alarm and it was so loud, so good news – it works! Then I started a book I’ve been wanting to read since high school. The book wasn’t that great, so I won’t mention it. I kept looking at the clock and it didn’t seem to change so I wrote in my journal then got ready for the gym.

I worked out for about an hour then went back to my place to do some yoga, drink a smoothie, and get ready. The first thing I did was finishing cleaning my apartment, which I knew would take a few hours. But nope, it only took two hours. So, I decided to clean my car and go to Sephora. When I was done at Sephora, I decided to grab food from the food court before heading back home.

When I was done running all of my errands. I got back in my car and looked at the clock, it was only 3pm. All I thought was, really!? I have so much more time left, how am I going to do this!? So, I went across the street to Target to buy groceries, then I remembered. My grocery list is on my phone and I can’t use it. I bought a few things from memory and decided to get everything else another day.

I got back in the car and it was 3:15 pm. The day definitely felt like it was dragging on, but it gave me a lot of time to think and reflect in silence.

When I finally got back home, I ate dinner while listening to a podcast. When it was over, I turned it off. Once it ended I was hit with the fact (once again that day) that I don’t like silence to fill an empty space. Granted I’ve always been the type of person that needs my alone time, but a digital detox is on another level.

So, instead of fighting the fact that I was alone in silence. I decided to spend my time reflecting.  By writing for the second time that day about how I was feeling, my goals and aspirations for the future, and what I truly wanted out of life. This is when everything clicked and I truly figured out why I needed to take this digital detox.

the day after

I was truly able to slow down and enjoy life for an entire day. I also realized three things:

1 | tech-free days are a must for your sanity

I am constantly plugged in and sometimes a little more than I’d like to be. Sometimes I can consume way too much content and it becomes hard to sort through all of it. By doing this digital detox, I was able to feel very refreshed. I had to think about things in my life and analyze them instead of concentrating on a screen.

2 | the health benefits outweigh the time frame

I mean it is just twenty-four hours – that’s it. You can do it especially if it is going to make you a happier person with less stress and sleep issues. According to Forbes,

A Swedish study found that young people who used technology heavily had a pronounced risk for mental health problems like depression, stress, and sleep disorders.

Reading the quote above, amongst other things, made me want to go on a digital detox. If I can sleep better and stress less then being away from technology for an entire day sounds like a great idea.

3 | you can never reflect enough, or get real with yourself

I realized that I truly reach for my iPhone and MacBook Air multiple times a day. It was beginning to disrupt my sleep and my life. I needed to take a break from the constantly plugged in world to get back to the true heart of who I am and what matters most to me.

Doing the twenty-four hours: I wrote a lot, made a few life decisions, and acted on them. It was very therapeutic for me to do this detox and have so many hours to myself with my thoughts to think, reflect, and act.

Maybe you should take a digital detox, pick up a good book, then write and reflect on your life.

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Globe Runners
Globe Runners
3 years ago

i bet this was difficult to do. we’re so glued to our devices and don’t get a chance to embrace what we see.

Felicia Renee
3 years ago
Reply to  Globe Runners

Yes it was, but it was a great experience!

Živilė Dap
Živilė Dap
3 years ago

This seems so easy but so hard at the same time, right? We are so used to technology, most of us don’t know how to live or spend time without it. I’m glad you did this challenge. I might do it too hehe



Felicia Renee
3 years ago
Reply to  Živilė Dap

Exactly! You should try it! It is definitely an eye-opener!

3 years ago

I really enjoyed reading this post. It’s definitely really hard to go a day without using any technology/social media. It amazes me how attached I’ve become to my phone and computer throughout the day. I want to try this someday too 🙂

Felicia Renee
3 years ago
Reply to  rebminlu

Thanks! Yeah, it can be very surprising how attached you are when you don’t use any technology for an entire day! You should try it!