What I Spend In a Week as a Minimalist

I don’t know about you, but I love to read posts and watch videos about what people spend in a week. I’m always curious to see how my spending habits are different, or the same. Especially as an intentional living person that has my own shopping spurts, at times, it’s interesting to see how my spending is different.

It’s also interesting to see how much everyday necessities vary based on where you live. So, I figured maybe, I should take on one of these challenges and see what I spend in a week and share it with all of y’all. I’m capturing everything I spent last week, so that way I’m able to detail a full week. So, here it goes…

I decided to break down what I spend on rent, utilities, transportation, phone, internet, car insurance, and giving per week as a starting place and to go from there. Just to note, I’m a 26-year old that lives in Louisville, KY that does not like to cook, so I’m assuming most of my money will be going to food, haha but we’ll see.


what i spent in a week as a minimalist:


I chilled this day and watching my New York Giants finally get another win! I went on a walk in the afternoon with my friend and there is a pizza place at the halfway point so we grabbed some food on the way back. I got breadsticks and a salad.

DAY 1 | $14.42


I got my Mac’s battery replaced, which has been needed for a while now. That cost $42.37 since I already bought the battery last week. I then made two returns at TJ Maxx (+$21.19) and Target (+$15.90). I got Chick-fil-A for dinner and used rewards so that ended up being $4.49 remaining.

DAY 2 | $9.77


I grabbed lunch out ($7.41), which made me realize it might be time to finally buy groceries for the month so that’s what I did after work. I got the basics at Trader Joe’s ($19.71) and the remaining items and some toiletries at Target ($48.66).

DAY 3 | $75.78


I’ll be very honest, I was tempted by Veteran’s Day sales. But Black Friday is in two weeks away so I figured it would be best to wait. There are a few things I want to get then if the sale is big enough. Otherwise, I’ll most likely wait until my birthday in March.

I relaxed, cooked, and did yoga this day.

DAY 4 | $0


Nothing to report.

DAY 5 | $0


I decided to order Jimmy John’s delivery for lunch and I gave the delivery driver a tip. The order was wrong, which was disappointing. It happens! They also came back.

DAY 6 | $12


My parents came over and we watching the Louisville game, it was nice. I also didn’t spend anything this day.

DAY 7 | $0

TOTAL SPENT: $111.97

TOTAL + STARTING BALANCE (daily life): $346.92

Honestly, I thought I spent a lot more than I did. Especially when it comes to food and toiletries since I had to replace more toiletries than I’ve had to over the past few months. I ate out maybe one or two times less than I usually do. So I guess overall, it all evened out and I feel pretty good about this.

Ever thought about tracking your spending like this?

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