What Motivates You?

Fall and winter for me are like the summer for most people. When all you want to do is relax, be outdoors, and just enjoy the weather. I’m not a fan of warm weather, so when it starts to cool down so do I.

I went to New York City last weekend and it was nice to get away. The main reason I wanted to visit was to see my friends and go to the Glossier showroom. I also saw the Lion King on Broadway and it made all of my childhood dreams come true!

If you don’t know what Glossier is then it is a cool skincare and makeup brand that keeps simplicity in mind. I tried all of the products at Glossier and I didn’t fall for the hype. There were a few products I loved like the face masks, face gelly cleanser, and body oil wash. This wasn’t very surprising since I do enjoy some good body care. But other than that, nothing was truly amazing to me. I did like the wowder (powder), but I don’t really wear makeup so this is something I would never purchase. I didn’t purchase  any of the other items I liked either because I pack lightly and I didn’t check a bag. So, I may buy them online at some point.

While I was there, I kept thinking about why I haven’t been doing anything blog related lately. And my mind kept going back towards what motivates me to do anything?

Motivation has been on my mind a lot lately. As you can probably tell, I haven’t been very motivated to post. But eh, life happens right? This year has been a struggle for me anyways with consistency in regards to blogging and reading. But this has also been the year when I have seen this blog triple statistically. So maybe posting less is actually working out for me? I’m heading into my third year of blogging in a few months, which is crazy! So I’d like to see all of the plans and goals I’ve set for myself truly unfold. But this is hard because I wanted this year to be a year where I focused on myself a lot by improving various aspects of me.

I’m such a perfectionist that at times it turns me into a procrastinator. Because I know that if I can’t do something in a perfect way I just don’t do it at all. So that word consistency is one that I don’t like right now. Because it’s not even existent in my life when it comes to blogging.

I’ve been putting a lot of my focus towards my future. Instead of making sure that something like my ebook is just the way I want it to be. But I’m truly working on this, promise! I’ve just been exhausted and unable to fix some things that were messed up with my ebook.

I realized that the way I feel about motivation changed when I read a blog post by Courtney Kerr from Kerrently.com. She was talking about how she went to New York Fashion Week this year by herself with no agenda. It made me think about what initially made me fall in love with pursuing creativity online. And it also made me realize that at certain points life is hard and I won’t want to do certain things during these times. So I need to give myself grace and do what I can.

I don’t have to constantly apologize for being inconsistent because life is inconsistent! There are constant curveballs being thrown at all of us each and every day. However, we have to figure out what motivates us to keep going and pushing through.

So, I’ve realized that y’all are what motivate me to keep posting new content and sharing things that I love. I’m on a minimalist journey and I’m working on a lot of things in my life. So in the midst of working, balancing, and juggling all of these things. I’m going to keep creating because I love it!

how to stay motivated:

1 | get moving

For me, exercise isn’t my favorite thing to do. But sometimes I get an urge to just walk on the treadmill and clear my mind. I enjoy the benefits of moving my body when I feel like that. Sometimes I enjoy doing yoga, or just cleaning up and listening to music. Moving in whatever way feels right to you is great way to keep yourself motivated.

2 | get outside inspiration

Read a book, blog post, magazine article, or anything really. Just get some inspiration to make you want to do something. Outside influences are great to keep you inspired and refreshed to complete all of the tasks at hand.

3 | give yourself grace 

I am extremely hard on myself, which is why I give myself so many deadlines. But at the same time I tend to be a perfectionist. Trust me, it’s hard to do both. I’ve been learning a lot lately that I need to give myself grace and not be so hard on myself about every single thing. Life happens and sometimes you miss a deadline for an ebook because you’re focusing on other aspects of your life. I have learned that it is all okay. Life will continue and everything will be accomplished in due time!

So, for right now I’m going to do what Courtney said in her blog post by going back to the basics. And I’m hoping that eventually, I won’t even think about consistency, but instead its just something I do! I’m finally ready to take this blog to another level and push myself even more creatively, so let’s see how this goes!

You know, life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you’re super motivated to get a lot of things done. Other times you just want to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and relax for once. I’m working on finding the balance between the two and I’m glad y’all are here to witness it with me.

what motivates you when life gets hard?

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