Why I’m Doing a 2019 Low Buy Year

Y’all it’s 2019. Those words are probably said by every blogger or person you know lately. Maybe not the y’all part, but you get what I mean. I feel like this is the part where I should discuss how it is a new year, new me. But I’m not into that anymore. I set realistic goals for what I would like to accomplish in the new year when it comes to my finances, career, and life. But other then that I just try to appreciate life, live simply, and experience as much as I can.

During the last week of 2018, I’ve been really interested in the idea of buying nothing for a year. As ridiculous as it may sound (to some) the idea to just stop buying and not allowing consumerism to control everything I do is intriguing.

I’ve watched Youtube videos and read articles from others that have done shopping bans and no spend years. But I decided not to use the word no because that word can be very restrictive. Low buy is a better term for me because I will need to spend money on things like rent, gas, food, and dish soap. I try to follow the rules I set for myself when it comes to buying toiletries. But sometimes I run out of toothpaste so I go to Target and just happen to buy five other things I’ve been “needing” to get.

So, I’ve decided to put myself to the test this year. To see what I consume by only buying things that I deem as necessities while allowing room for life’s unexpectedness.

how to prepare for a low buy year:

1 | HAVE A PURPOSE. // My purpose is to figure out what I consume on a monthly basis in order to cut out unnecessary spending and to stop mindless shopping. I want to learn to appreciate and use what I have, double my emergency fund, take a solo trip this year, and pay off my car.

2 | REMEMBER YOUR PURPOSE & SET RULES. // I gave myself five rules to follow, which are to:

  1. not buy any new products until what i have is gone
  2. only eat out once or twice a week and cook more!
  3. unsubscribe and edit what I consume on social media
  4. be strict about what I purchase
  5. remember my purpose!



  • Rent and utilities
  • Phone
  • Groceries and eating out with friends or with coworkers
  • Entertainment – this blog and Apple Music, which I pay for yearly
  • Healthcare – massages for pain and vitamins
  • Car maintenance – gas, oil change, taxes, and biweekly car washes
  • Travel/new experiences – if planned and budgeted
  • Basic toiletries and kitchen/cleaning supplies
  • Home goods – a snake plant and a microwave cover
  • Gifts for others
  • Giftcards are guilt-free spending on whatever I want!


  • Clothes – unless I have a weight change or something gets destroyed and I don’t have a replacement
  • Eating out when I’m just being lazy, but I have ample time to cook
  • Books – rent them from the library or read what I have
  • Pampering beyond my monthly massages
  • Stationary, notebooks, and art supplies – I have so many that I need to use up
  • Essential oils – unless I use up all of the ones I have
  • Stylish homewares – My apartment is fully furnished and decorated so I don’t need anything other than my snake plant and microwave cover, which I’ve been meaning to buy for a while

I’m so curious to see what I’ve bought and how I will feel when December 31, 2019 comes around. I can’t wait to share it all with y’all and I hope that whatever you have planned for this year is amazing!

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