Five Things I Could Stop Buying

Minimalists always talk about what to stop buying. So today, here are five things I could stop buying, but haven't. @thefeliciarenee

When discussing, reading, or learning about minimalism it is easy to constantly see things that are geared toward consumption. But one thing I’ve thought about recently is what are things we buy, but would could stop buying. However, we don’t stop buying it because we don’t have too, or it’s convenient.

There are a lot of things that I could stop buying, I’ve tried to stop buying, or just want to buy anyways. So, I’ve complied l list of things that I could stop buying, but haven’t. I’ve been slowing transitioning to a more zero waste lifestyle, but I still find myself slipping back into old habits. Because I’m human – and we all buy things.

To me, minimalism should be however you define it for yourself. Because everyone’s definition of it is different. Buying isn’t the enemy. Consuming to a point that is not necessary, or unhealthy is. A few of the items below I would like to stop buying, but for now it’s convenient and convenience is hard to beat.

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