Five Books I’m Reading This Spring

Five Books I'm Reading This Spring - image

Is it really spring, or are we being tricked? Because it snowed just a few days ago. Kentucky’s weather is always peculiar, but it has went to a different level this year. The cold weather has kept me in a hibernation mindset and all I want to do is binge-watch shows. But it’s time to ease into spring, which I have started by spring cleaning, getting rid of things, and I reorganizing my bedroom.

I always feel like I’m the most productive in every aspect of my life during the spring and fall. These are the seasons where I am in the midst of planning, organizing, decluttering, and learning to relax. In order to add something new to my life this year and try to get myself into reading more (once again). I’ve decided to spruce up my spring reading list by chooseing five categories of books to read this spring. Even if I read more than these five books, at least I have diversified my list. Some of these books I have listed before in reading lists in order to get myself to read more. I’m hopeful and I’ve already started reading the simplicity book!

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