Minimal Mondays 002 | twenty things to declutter

The weather has started to pick up in Kentucky and it’s finally starting to feel like spring. I just hope that it stays. I do enjoy the cold weather, but this year I’m ready to have my windows down and a cool breeze on my face.

  1. Expired makeup
  2. old makeup brushes
  3. Clothes that don’t fit
  4. Consumption mentality
  5. Saying yes to everything
  6. Negativity
  7. Subscriptions you don’t use
  8. Old electronics (cords, chargers, etc)
  9. excess plastic
  10. broken items – you’re never going to use or fix
  11. old papers/documents
  12. rewards cards (cancel accounts, unsubscribe)
  13. books you won’t read
  14. stacks of magazines
  15. product samples
  16. used notebooks
  17. access candles
  18. items in your junk drawer
  19. old cards with no sentimental value
  20. pens/markers/ etc. with no ink