What Motivates You?

Fall and winter for me are like the summer for most people. When all you want to do is relax, be outdoors, and just enjoy the weather. I’m not a fan of warm weather, so when it starts to cool down so do I.

What motivates you when life gets hard? What do you do? Being motivated and setting clear and attainable goals are a must to succeed in life.

I went to New York City last weekend and it was nice to get away. The main reason I wanted to visit was to see my friends and go to the Glossier showroom. I also saw the Lion King on Broadway and it made all of my childhood dreams come true!

If you don’t know what Glossier is then it is a cool skincare and makeup brand that keeps simplicity in mind. I tried all of the products at Glossier and I didn’t fall for the hype. There were a few products I loved like the face masks, face gelly cleanser, and body oil wash. This wasn’t very surprising since I do enjoy some good body care. But other than that, nothing was truly amazing to me. I did like the wowder (powder), but I don’t really wear makeup so this is something I would never purchase. I didn’t purchase  any of the other items I liked either because I pack lightly and I didn’t check a bag. So, I may buy them online at some point.

While I was there, I kept thinking about why I haven’t been doing anything blog related lately. And my mind kept going back towards what motivates me to do anything?

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