How I Live Minimally with Intention: 4 Years Later…

I just realized that this is my fourth year of practicing minimalism and living simply. I have learned so much during the process and some things I thought when I first learned about it differs from how I feel now. When I first learned about minimalism and began to follow some of the methods, I felt like there was only one way to approach it. By getting rid of everything I own and judging others for buying new things. But the more that I expanded my knowledge and realized that there is no “right” way to go through life. I realized that everyone’s approach to minimalism or simple living is different.

Ultimately, I stopped judging others and I no longer compare my minimalism or lifestyle to others. Let me tell you this, it is not easy at all. From such a young age we begin to compare ourselves to others and sometimes we do it without even realizing it. I remember a podcast I used to listen to called Let It Out by Katie Dalebout and she would always reference the idea of velcro. She felt that we didn’t come into this world with the idea that we were “better” than others, wanted to look like someone else, or be like someone else. But over time, we begin to taken on the expectations and ideas of others like velcro. We constantly allow things to stick to us like velcro without coming up with our own ideas of what we know to be true.

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