Just Save June Recap & What’s Next

I know none of us could imagine this year going the way it has so far. I feel like I hit a new stride when 2020 began and I learned a lot. Since I began this year by getting a few things fixed on my car. I also made a list of all the things I wanted to change in my apartment. I’ve lived here for almost two years now and I needed to make it feel more like a home. I bought some new towels and figured I’d take it slow. But then after March, we were all quarantined. So I knew it was time to get more organizers for the kitchen, my bathroom, and closet. I also bought some new clothes and got rid of a bunch that I no longer wear.

It was like I was super productive during the beginning and I wish I got back to blogging sooner, but everything happens when it should. I feel like I’ve been in a post-quarantine funk, so this “minimalism reset” was a way to get my mojo back and be intentional again. I’ve learned a few things and I’ve realized that intentionality is all about being present.

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